Chestnut Hill Farm’s new gates aren’t to keep you out; Here’s how to use them

The next time you pop by Chestnut Hill Farm you may be surprised to see new gates installed. Farm Manager Desiree Robinson-Dubois announced that new fences are to protect their crops.

We had some fences get fully finished today at the farm. Our veggie fields will now be more secure from incursions from deer and other wild game along with our own livestock (rowdy, creative, fence-escaping goats) and means our vegetables are safer from potential contaminants and more in conformance with the new Federal Food Safety laws. What this means for all our visitors is that there are new ‘kissing gates’ installed at some key access points for trails at the farm. These special gates are easy for humans to use, but confusing for livestock and wildlife.

With signage pending, she posted a how-to video on the new “kissing gates”:

For those of you concerned about the impact on winter enjoyment of the space, she shared:

For all of our snow loving skiers and sledders- don’t fear! Large gates will reopen in the late fall, early winter when our fields are put to bed again and the livestock are snug in the barn.

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Matthew Brownell
3 years ago

Generally speaking, if you’re a person who needs the assistance of a You Tube video to learn how to open & close a “kissing gate”, you probably shouldn’t be left alone in a farm field (??)

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