Trottier announces no more trips to Stone

Above: It turns out that last year’s 6th grade class was the last to be able to enjoy the “rite of passage” learning in nature at Stone Environmental School. (photo tweeted by @TrottierMiddle)

Trottier Middle School shared some disappointing news yesterday. The annual 6th grade two night trip to Stone Environmental School can no longer take place.

According to the message from Principal Kieth Lavoie, the environmental school is closing. The decision followed the passing of the school’s director earlier this summer. Since Trottier administration was just informed, there isn’t time to plan an alternative trip for the class this fall.

Trottier at Stone Environmental October 2017According to the message, the annual Stone trip has been a nearly 30 year “partnership”. Here is the full message:

Dear Trottier Families:

I have some sad and unfortunate news to share. Dave Freese, Director of the Stone Environmental School, passed away this summer. This was unexpected and only shared with us this yesterday. Recently, the family made the decision to close the Stone Environmental School. The Southborough Schools have partnered with Stone for nearly thirty years. We have viewed this trip as a rite of passage and it has been a great tradition. The success of the trip came largely in part due to Dave’s ongoing commitment to support all of our students. This news is sad on many levels.

Due to the timing, we will not be able to run this type of trip for the fall. The planning and decision making for a suitable field trip for our students will take time, research, and discussion. I do not want to speculate our next steps until we can bring the faculty together. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Gary Hreschuk, Assistant Principal at (508) 485-2400 ext.65104 or at


Mr. Lavoie

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Carl Guyer
4 years ago

This is an unfortunate turn of events.

My daughter, who is now a registered Professional Enviromnental Engineer working in Seattle cleaning up super fund sites, specializing in sediment removal, was greatly inspired to pursue her career as a result of her trip to this camp.

How do I know this. Well not long ago I made the mistake of suggesting to her that her concern for the environment was a result of my interest in this area. She immediately corrected me, as daughters will do, and told me it was this camp not me…. Oh, well, that is how it goes.

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