Library downstairs flooded again

The downstairs of the Southborough Library is closed due to another flood. 

Apparently the flooding happened overnight with staff discovering it this morning. I am told that it is not as bad as last summer but worse than the most recent flood that only had minor impact on the Children’s Room.

It is unclear at this point how long the downstairs will need to be closed for. (Fingers crossed that it’s not another repeat of many months.)

At this point the main/upper level of the library is open. And patrons can still access it through the downstairs parking lot entrance and even use the elevator.

Children’s and Young Adult materials from downstairs are currently unavailable. It is unclear when that will change. The situation is currently being assessed.

It is possible that the full library will need to close at some point while work is done.  That means it’s best to double check before heading over. The best way to check the current status is to look for updates on their Facebook page here.

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4 years ago

this situation is getting old, who is stirring the ship ? someone must be held accountable, totally un expectable . this is costing the taxpayer a lot of money, and no one seems to do anything about it, and hurricane season is here.

4 years ago

when do people stop with the insanity?

4 years ago

The library is built over a brook that was there since 150 years ago. The main building is 100 years old. Increased intensity of rainstorms is making waterflow worse. The library is also at the lowest point around. Ground water is 39 inches below the surface of the front lawn. Anybody who can come up with a good idea to solve the problem(s) is cordially invited to communicate same to Ryan Donovan, the director, or Facilities, or the DPW, who have been working very hard to solve this extremely difficult situation.

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