Entrepeneurship and Blogging Workshop – Saturday

Above: The resident founder of a a blog on lessons from successful entrepreneurs will share his learnings with the public this Saturday. (image cropped from businesseswithstories.com)

This Saturday, the Library is hosting a presentation on entrepreneurship and blogging. The free talk will cover:

Entrepreneurship and blogging workshop flyerHow to start a publication/blog with WordPress, finding your niche, and lessons about entrepreneurship from personal interviews with Quizlet, Fiverr, and Mark Cuban. 

The event will be run by a Southborough resident who founded the blog Businesses with Stories:

an independent online publication that comes out with new stories about businesses bi-weekly.

Those stories are based on interviews with:

founders of companies from artificial intelligence to diversity consulting to build deeper, nuanced pictures of the human experience in the world of startups.

In addition to business, mentioned about, interviews include Burt’s Bees, 23 and Me, Air BnB, Dropbox, and many more. That may not sound that impressive, until you learn that the brains behind the operations are still attending high school. The site is run by three Algonquin students:

This site was created by high schooler Joseph Zhang in hopes of discovering new, inspiring stories about businesses and entrepreneurs to share with everyone. . .

Businesses with Stories is a unique, student-run publication that seeks to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and to offer opportunities to talk to CEOs and founders of companies ranging from nascent startups to established Fortune 500 businesses.

Joseph Zhang founded this site the summer before his sophomore year in high school. Interested in business since he was young, he had already been through every Inc. and Forbes magazine article in the house before he turned towards the CEOs and founders themselves to learn more.

Zhang isn’t doing the work alone. He’s helped by VP and Full Time Contributor, and ARHS junior, Oscar Wong and Section Editor and Full-time Contributor, and ARHS senior, Will Hurley.

The workshop on Saturday, will be led by Zhang who lives in town. It will take place on Saturday, October 5th at 2:00 pm in the Library’s Eaton Meeting Room downstairs.

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