Neary School seeking service members’ names for Candy for Troops drive

Above: Neary School is planning its annual post-Halloween candy for troops drive. But they would like to identify in advance who they will be shipping the goodies to. (Images posted to flickr – candy by The Tedster and soldier handing out sweets at an orphanage by NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan)

Every fall, Neary students, families, and staff donate candy to ship to overseas troops. This year, the school is reaching out in advance to ask people for input on service members to ship packages to. (Examples include residents, ARHS graduates, relatives, or even a “friend of a friend”.)

The school asked me to share with readers:

For the 19th year, Jennifer Turieo, a fifth grade teacher at Neary is organizing Margaret A Neary School‘s school Halloween candy collection. Each year, Southborough students donate some of their Halloween candy and it is then sent to soldiers stationed around the world. Neary has sent literally TONS of candy at this point and has received back wonderful thank you letters from soldiers along with pictures, trading coins, and even flags that were flown on ships and over a base in Afghanistan.
Do you know someone who is stationed abroad? Do you know someone who knows someone who is stationed abroad? Neary students would love to send them a box of candy.
Please email Jennifer Turieo at with any addresses that you might have for soldiers that would like to receive a package. 

The annual candy collection will take place after Halloween.

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