Interactive theater for kids at the Library: Skyrise’s “Scaredy Squirrel” & Drama Out of the Box

Above: Children are invited to two upcoming chances to take part in interactive theater and/or to improvise using their dramatic imaginations. (photo right from Facebook)

The Southborough Library Children’s Room is offering more interactive theater fun for kids. The Library is bringing back an improvisation program. It’s also hosting a special event run by a local children’s theater company.

Both events require pre-registration at the Children’s Room desk or by calling the library at 508-485-5031.

Here are the details.Skyrise presents Scaredy Squirrel flyer

Skyrise Theater presents Scaredy Squirrel

Professional Development Day* – Tuesday, November 5th,
3:00 – 4:00 pm

For ages 3.5 – 8 years old

The event is a special production by SkyRise Theater of the popular, funny children’s book by Melanie Watts. Children will get a chance to be part of the story.

Drama Out of the Box

Drama Out of the Box flyerSaturday, November 9th, 11:00 – 11:45 am
For ages 5 years old+

Educator Meredith Charles will return to help children explore acting through storytelling, pantomime and creative expression. Her website explains:

What is “Drama out of the box?” It is the method I use to encourage, motivate, and guide students. . . At it’s core, it is improvisation. I never know exactly what will happen, as the students are the players. I provide the structure and the facilitation, but the end result comes from their ideas, thoughts and experiences.

*I was initially surprised that the first event would cut so close to school hours for K-3 students. Then I noticed that November 5th is a Professional Development Day for Southborough (and Northborough) public schools.

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