Southborough used $250K Green Communities grant to reduce municipal energy burden

The Town of Southborough accomplished its goals for this year’s $250K Green Communities grant. Resident Carl Guyer, a public advocate for the Town’s green efforts, shared an announcement:

Congratulations are again in order for the Town of Southborough’s Facility Management Team. For the third year in a row they were able to complete all of Southborough’s Green Communities Projects on schedule. Completing these projects in a timely manner is an important milestone for continued Green Community funding. The Green Communities Grant program requires completion of projects by an established deadline as a threshold for continued participation in this competitive grant process in the coming year.

This year Southborough received $250,000 in Green Communities funding. This money was used to complete energy saving insulation and lighting projects at Southborough’s schools. To the advantage of the town, the Green Community grant money was applied to projects qualifying for utility-based incentive programs thereby amplifying the overall benefits received by the town.

The investments in insulation and lighting made during 2019 are anticipated to save the town $25,093 in annual operating costs in addition to the expected reductions in CO2 emission as a result of fossil fuel consumption. When you consider that these capital projects do not add to the tax burden of residents, ensuring Southborough continues to qualify for Green Communities funding is important for the town.

As of 2019, Southborough’s first three years of Green Communities grant funding has reached a total of $642,865.

April 22, 2020 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Knowing Southborough is making this contribution to protecting our planet, and home, at this milestone is worth remembering. 

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