School leadership update: Search for Asst Superintendent; Trottier’s new principal team

The search for one Southborough school’s leadership jobs was successfully completed this month. Another leadership search is about to begin for a district wide position.

Trottier leadership

Trottier Middle School has a new Assistant Principal. That freed up the former AP to move up. Newly promoted Principal Gary Hreschuk made the announcement in an email to parents two weeks ago:

I’m happy to announce that Stacy Mahoney will be joining the Trottier community. Mrs. Mahoney is a former world language teacher and guidance counselor from Watertown Middle School for the past fifteen years. Mrs. Mahoney will provide a great lens to Trottier to help expand our capacity and add new and dynamic opportunities for our students. A mid-year transition can always be complicated; however, I am confident that Mrs. Mahoney will be able to make this move to Trottier seamlessly due to our supportive faculty. . .

Mrs. Mahoney will conduct a transition plan as she takes on this new role. As part of this work, she will meet and interview staff, parents, and students to learn more about the school, community, culture, and expectations as she assumes the role of assistant principal.  

As I previewed in January, former Principal Kieth Lavoie was promoted down the hill. He’s working in the Northborough and Southborough Public Schools district office as Director of Operations. That job was on hold while Hreschuk looked for his own replacement. Lavoie’s last day at Trottier was the Friday before February break. In Hreschuk’s message that Monday, he acknowledged:

Again, I would like to thank Mr. Lavoie for all that he’s done for Trottier and our students. I know these are large shoes to fill, and I am the benefactor of what he’s been able to build in the last ten years. I am and honored and humbled to be given this professional opportunity.

District leadership

It appears the transition at the District leadership level didn’t run as smoothly. Superintendent Greg Martineau announced that the administration is seeking a new Assistant Superintendent. On Saturday, the district’s monthly newsletter announced the news.

A new search committee will be formed. It will include one parent from each of the three districts (Southborough, Northborough and Algonquin.) Volunteers need to apply by a week from Friday.

In December 2018, Martineau was promoted from Asst. Superintendent to the chief position. That left the combined school committees with six months to appoint his replacement before former Superintendent Christine Johnson stepped down.

In May, it appeared that some committee members were wary of a recommendation to appoint an interim Asst. Superintendent. Johnson and Martineau supported Rhoda Webb. She has served as the district’s Director of English Language Education since 2004.

Southborough School Committee’s Paul Butka raised concerns that Webb appeared to have never overseen a large staff. Johnson and Martineau expressed confidence in Webb’s capabilities and growth capacity.

The committees’ approval was secured in part by reassurance of a safety net. Webb would get back to her prior job if the new one didn’t work out. According to the announcement, that is what’s happening. It looks like the new search committee will run on about the same timeframe as last year’s. The job opening was apparently posted on February 4th with resumes due on February 28th. And interviews will begin  in late March.

Here are the details: 

Formation of Assistant Superintendent Search Committee

The Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough are in the process of forming a search committee for the next Assistant Superintendent of Schools. Since July 1, 2019, Mrs. Rhoda Webb has served as the District’s Interim Assistant Superintendent. Beginning July 1, 2020, Mrs. Webb intends to return to the position of Director of English Language Education.The Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough is fortunate to have such a dedicated, committed, caring, and talented employee as Mrs. Webb and I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue to have her serve as a key leader in our District moving forward.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please review the responsibilities and time commitment below and submit your name in writing to Mrs. Cheryl Lepore at the Superintendent’s Office or via e-mail at by Wednesday, March 4, 2020. All interested parties will receive a notification as to the selection of the search committee members no later than Friday, March 6, 2020.

Members of this committee should be available from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM on Thursday, March 12 and from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM on Tuesday, March 17, for meetings. Interviews will be conducted on Wednesday, March 25 from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM and Thursday, March 26 from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. All meetings and interviews will take place at the Office of the Superintendent in the Conference Room.

Each member will be responsible for:

Reading applicants’ resumes;
Developing interview questions;
Selecting the applicants for interviews;
Interviewing applicants; and,
Recommending semi-finalists to the Superintendent of Schools

The search committee will be comprised of representation as follows:
Four Central Office administrators
*one teacher
*one parent
*one school administrator
*one school committee member

*Representation from each district

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