Graphic Novel Workshop for 8-12 year olds – Thursday afternoon (Updated)

Above: Graphic novelist Jonathon Todd will teach kids how to turn their experiences into comics. (images from past workshop at the Library)

[Editor’s Note: Warning, space is limited and I learned at 10:00 am that only one spot was left.]

This week, the Southborough Library will holding another workshop for kids interested in writing and drawing graphic novels. Author/illustrator Jonathan Todd will return to work with children ages 8-12 years.

Graphic novelist Jonathan Todd (publicity photo)Todd will teach the tweens how to create their own graphic novels. The focus this time is autobiographical comics:

Jonathan Todd who will take students through the steps of creating their own graphic novel based on experiences from their own lives.

In a past years when Todd visited the library, he walked through:

how to come up with a story concept, break down scenes to panels, letter, and ink a comic book page, culminating in a completed graphic novel!

The workshops were successful enough to bring him back for a third year. Sign kids up to participate this Thursday, March 12th, 4:00 – 6:00 pm in the Eaton Meeting Room.

Please register in the Children’s Room, by calling 508-485-5031.

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