May fun for families with young ones (BINGO!)

Above: Kindergroup hopes that a flexible “Bingo” plan will help families have fun on a schedule that works better for them.

A month ago, I shared news that Southborough Kindergroup was organizing fun for families with young ones. The group sponsored a Facebook page with special events and themed days for the month of April. 

As we head into May, the group is revamping how it organizes the fun.

There will still be a few scheduled events. But Kindergroup won’t be challenging families to enjoy fun on the group’s timeframe. Instead, they’re suggesting a flexible BINGO plan to enjoy the fun on your own schedule:

Bingo card
(click to enlarge)

For the month of May, we are encouraging families to participate in a month long game of BINGO. We will have a few date specific activities (outlined below) as well. Each kid can do it individually or you can do it as a family. Throughout the month, “cross out” each activity on your sheet until you do all 24 activities. At the end of the month, please post a picture of your full BINGO sheet to enter to win a prize. You can do as many or as little activities on a given day. If anyone is interested, please join our Facebook group (Southborough Community Outreach sponsored by Kindergroup) or email

Upcoming events that are scheduled are:

  • Week of May 4th – Mother’s Day craft through Gulbankian Farm – kit to decorate, plant for moms/grandmothers/aunts/etc.
  • May 8th – Book Reading on Zoom with Mike Bartolini – Residential Home Builder
  • May 15th – Book Reading on Zoom with Caitlyn Hark – Pediatrician at Children’s Hospital
  • May 29th – Book Reading on Zoom with Jason Malinowski – Firefighter/EMT

The group has made the following list of 34 activities from which you can pick your favorites to put on your Bingo card: 

Participate in a zoom community reading
Participate in Yummy Mummy activity
Participate in Gulbankian Mother’s Day activity
Follow Busy Toddler at and do an activity
Have a family dance off
Something in nature- go for a walk, hike or find a pine cone or something blooming
Play with something gooey
Bake something sweet
Help someone out or do something kind
Watch a family movie
Paint a rock and leave it outside
Fly a Kite
Order takeout
Get ice cream to go
Participate in a car parade
Donate to the food pantry
Send someone a surprise – video, picture, gift, whatever
Make a picture for a front line worker
Participate in library book reading
Listen to a Laurie Berkner song
Support a small business
Play a game
Try a new food
Play with chalk
Popsicle bath
Do a yoga class
Do a sensory bin
Do a chore
Fill a jar of things to do once quarantine is over
Make & play with homemade snow, paint, Jurassic playdough
Play with magnetic tiles or magnets
Do a water activity – water table, draw alphabet with chalk outside and spray water on them, sensory bin with water
Do a toy parade – line up all toys in a line

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