Town Election Reminder: Cast your ballots (or mark your calendars for Tuesday 8-4)

Right: Many of this spring’s voters won’t be getting stickers. But you could always make your own! (image from

Voters who registered by April 6th* are running out of time to vote by mail in the Town Election. So here are some important reminders and updates.

I checked in with Town Clerk Jim Hegarty on whether he thought it was too late for people to apply to vote early by mail. The answer was that today’s probably the last day. (And I’d say you have a better chance if you drop it in the Town’s green mailbox.**)

The ballot would probably reach you by Saturday or Monday. (Click here for the application.)

The good news is that you’re only prohibited from voting in person if you already sent in your completed ballot. So, if you submit an application, but don’t get your ballot in time, it looks like no harm/no foul. (On the other hand, it would be a big foul to send in the ballot then also show up at the polls.) 

As for casting the ballots once you receive them, they need to get to the Clerk’s office by Tuesday the 16th. More good news, you don’t have to rely on the mail to get them back to the Town House. You can also drop those in the Town’s mailbox by 4:00 pm on Tuesday.**

If you don’t want to, or aren’t able to, vote early – make sure to mark your calendars to vote between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. The election will be held at Trottier Middle School (through the front doors) on Tuesday, June 16. Hours are shorter this year, based on the presumption that most of us will vote by mail out of safety concerns.

As for who to cast your ballots for, click here for information on the candidates.

*Unfortunately, the deadline to register to vote for this election passed. So, if you haven’t registered yet, it’s too late. However, you’ll still want to register to weigh in on the Special Town Meeting in the fall, the September primary and the federal election in November. So, click here to register.

**The Town of Southborough has a green drop off mailbox located at the edge of the parking lot near the front entrance to the Town House at 17 Common Street. Mail goes directly to Town staff, so postage isn’t required.

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