School Reopening Update: More detail on in-person learning time for Special Ed students

Recently, I’ve posted updates on the School’s Reopening Plans and Community Forums. That included that under a Hybrid Learning Model, while most students would attend school in-person two days per week, some students would attend more frequently.

Yesterday, the Community Advocate posted an article with more details about that piece:

Special education students who spend less than two hours per week receiving specialized services would be in school alongside the rest of the student body, following the typical schedule of getting two days of in person learning per week. Those with more than two hours per week of specialized services would get an extra half day of in-person teaching.

Students who spend more than 25 percent of a typical week receiving such services would come to school for four days and those who spend more than 75 percent in specialized services would stay in the classroom for five days per week.

“In all four of these scenarios, parents would receive notification of any changes in instruction,” Director of Student Support Services Marie Alan said.

Special Education students may not be the only ones getting extra classroom time. Some students for whom English isn’t their first language will likely get extra in-school time. Under the Reopening Plans section on  English Language Development, it states:

For English Learners, levels 1-4, the District will aim to maximize in-person schooling if the District is using a hybrid learning model.

Unlike for students under IEPs, that amount of time isn’t defined.

For those looking for more detail on Student Support services for Special Ed—a Community Forum was held last Wednesday morning. The district has uploaded videos of it to the Google Drive folder. (I have to admit I’m a bit confused. It appears there was a technical glitch mid-webinar. I get the impression that video labels “Part 1” and “Part 2” may be reversed.)

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