Rotary news: 1,000 masks to New England Center for Children; Successful Campership Drive

New England Center for Children informed me about the Southborough Rotary Club’s latest good work. This morning, the Rotary donated 1,000 masks to the Southborough based autism institute and educational facility.

NECC contributed pics from the handover. You can click on images below for a better look at NECC’s Jared Bouzan with chapter President Robert Bussey and other members.

This summer, NECC hosted one of Governor Baker’s Covid Press Briefings. Baker was announcing a special aid package to help facilities like NECC. At the time, CEO Vincent Strully spoke about the major challenges Covid posed to their essential operations, including the increased need for PPE.

The news about Rotary’s support prompted me to check in on their other recent charitable effort – the Camp Scholarship fundraiser. Rotary’s drive was completed at the end of September. The final tally is still being worked out, but they already collected the $850 in matching funds from Main Street Bank:

An additional incentive was offered for the fundraiser. Rotary held a drawing for a Kids’ Activity Set. The winning donor chose to anonymously have the prize gifted to the Southborough Library.

Funds collected are being donated to Friends of the Southborough Youth Commission to support the Campership program run by Southborough Youth & Family Services.

As I shared back in August, the Rotary has also been spearheading an effort to support this fall’s election. The group and volunteers assisted at the September Primary. (Stay tuned for news on the November election.)

For more Rotary news, you can follow them on Facebook.

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Jared Bouzan
3 years ago

Cannot thank enough the Southborough Rotary Club and our entire community for all of your support!

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