Letter: Endorsement for Jo Jorgensen

by beth on October 13, 2020

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To the Editor:

Why would anyone vote for the Libertarian Party candidate, Jo Jorgensen, since not enough voters know about her for her to win and become president? She is actually on the ballot in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Do you realize how difficult it is to get on every ballot given the obstacles placed in their way by both major parties? This is the fifth time the Libertarian Party has managed to get ballot status in every state. In 2016 their presidential candidate received over 4.4 million votes most of which were not LP members, and helped the LP membership to continue to grow. The LP was founded in 1971 and ran candidates in the 1972 presidential election. Their VP candidate was Tonie Nathan a journalist who came down from Oregon to cover the Denver founding convention. Those present were not of age to be eligible, 35, so she was enticed to join the fledgling party and she became the first woman in history to receive an Electoral College vote from a North Carolina republican electoral College gentleman named Roger Lee MacBride, who had written his doctoral dissertation on the Electoral College system and decided not to cast his ballot for Nixon. John Hospers was their presidential candidate who was chairman of the department of philosophy at USC and Hospers/Nathan were on the ballot in only two states.

There are about twelve members of the Libertarian Party living in Southboro based on the number who voted in the primary this year.

I think that Joe Biden has been characterized as a Trojan Horse meaning that although he denies being in favor of Socialism, if he wins, he will appoint the far left radical Marxist progressives to head administrative departments in his administration who will implement Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrens dream of a socialist society no matter what that costs.

We all should be aware of the nature of socialism wherever it has been imposed. The slogans in favor offer free you name it, health insurance, college education, retirement, guaranteed annual income etc which turn out to be untrue and result in high unemployment, entrepreneurs fleeing the country, money printing causing hyperinflation and worthless. paper currency and starving in the streets.

  • USSR meant union of soviet socialist republics
  • Nazi meant national socialism and led to the holocaust
  • Cuba under Fidel Castro led to failed economy, loss of freedom, oppression of opposition
  • Zimbabwe under Mugabe led to hyperinflation, starvation
  • Venezuela under Chaves and now Maduro- millions fled the country, failed economy, shortages of food, jobs, oppression of opposition

President Trump acts like a know-it-all, doesn’t read remains ignorant of economics, just because he was and is a businessman does not mean he understands economics. Doesn’t listen to advisors in financial matters or military matters.

Jo Jorgensen and her running mate, Jeremy Cohen are using bus tours across the country to reach as many voters as they can to make them aware of the Libertarian Party alternative on all the ballots. Jorgensen, if elected, would bring the troops home from the overseas military bases in dozens of countries at a cost of a trillion dollars each year; release of those arrested for victimless crimes, ending the failed drug war, vote against any increased spending bill or attempt to raise the debt ceiling, restore sound money, argue in favor of ending unconstitutional federal programs and restoring the free market. 

The major parties will notice that the LP will get more votes than the spread between Dems and GOP candidates. They may try to entice libertarians to vote for them by offering certain positions in the future.

Best of all the membership in the LP will continue to grow as more citizens appreciate the Libertarian Party adherence to the Constitution and advocacy for individual freedom and a limited government as envisioned by the founders. In time the LP may be able to replace one of the two major parties once people realize how far they have both strayed from the limits enumerated in the Constitution which have led to our near bankruptcy as a country whose national debt exceeds its gross national product.

Wm R Cohen M.D.
Southborough resident 40 years

1 LD October 13, 2020 at 8:09 AM

Wow…What a soup of incoherent political rants.

I’m not sure why the ‘Southborough resident 40 years’ part matters, but anyway.

If you want to be against Marxist theories, go right ahead. However, you should at least know to what you are referring. Marx’s main conclusion was about how the workers’ lack of ownership of the means of production (capital, machines, factories, etc.) led to the expropriation of their labor surplus by the capitalists. In other words, they do all the work, create all the value, while the capital owners get most of the gains from production while not lifting a finger. The solution would be more in line with workplace democracy, not the nonsense the writer (and Fox News) claims.

The active role of government to which the writer refers can be better termed State Capitalism/Keynesianism—one in which the market system is at the center, but in which the government plays a role correcting market failures. This is very much in line with the New Deal in the US, which allowed us to finally overcome the Great Depression—and which very likely also played a role in our ‘40 year Southborough resident’ being able to live in Southborough and to earn that MD.

I would love to be able to have a multi-party system, but voting independent (or not voting at all) this year is implicitly voting for the incumbent. When the option is decency over an administration that constantly violates human rights (e.g. putting children in cages, etc., etc.) and tries to pull us apart between cult followers and not, the choice is extremely clear. I will not be wasting my vote!

2 Matthew Brownell October 16, 2020 at 9:50 PM

LD – Gee, thanks for 5-cent tour of your very special wax museum of Marxism and Keynesian Central Economic Planning.

Let me see if I can fix this for you.

You wouldn’t have a plastic crapper-flapper on which to perch your Marxist laurels without Capitalist investors who place their money, time , and intellectual property at risk.

I believe it was the late Milton Friedman who wryly observed : “Place the Government in charge of a glass factory in the Sahara, and they’ll find a way to run out of sand”

Suggest you may want to have some discussions with Cubans in Miami, or Venezuelans who have suffered hyperinflation of 1,000%+ in a week for hamburger or common food items. Or those who toil in silenced , Totalitarian , Marxist Slave States like North Korea and China.

I ask , if not implore you, to have these common-sense conversations before continuing with the Junior Varsity
Blame-America tour, and embracement of a zero-sum redistributionist fantasy that has dismally failed in every corner of the world in which it operates-

3 LD October 19, 2020 at 3:05 PM


It seems like you are fighting a fictional enemy. I’m not advocating for Marxism–not because I don’t think there is some validity to some of theoretical points raised, but rather because I’m not a fan of extreme positions on either side. The world is a complicated, nuanced place. Understanding it, though, requires at least being honest about what we are arguing about.

Thanks for your cheap ‘explanation’ of the evils of communism. That being said, I will not be lectured on how to love my country by a party that clearly couldn’t care less about what happens to the country itself or its people. They stand ready to dismantle even the most basic forms of environmental or labor protection. Love of country does not equal love of crony capitalism and/or Trump. Let’s get that straight!

By the way, I have talked to more Cubans and Venezuelans who have had to live through the Castro and Chavez/Maduro regimes than you will ever do. I have also equally talked to many Colombians next door–who have lived through the market fundamentalism and state terrorism of the Uribe regime–and Chileans who had family members killed by the Pinochet regime (a regime that was largely advised by your hero, Milton Friedman). All of these experiences have one thing in common: the undermining of democratic institutions. The past four years in the US have shown that our country, unfortunately, is not immune to this damaging version of cheap populism.

I’m not anti-business by any stretch of the imagination. I’m pro-market and pro-democracy. I am also pro-social contract, and believe that if someone does everything by the book and works hard, they should be able to feed their family and have a safe life. Capital plays an important role in the production process, but so do workers.

4 Matthew Brownell October 19, 2020 at 9:38 PM

Your pedantic, armchair discussions of the theoretical impress me as the untested treatise and pablum of one who has spent his/her career in academia .

But I guess we’ll never know, since you and a couple of the other posters in this string pen this 7×24 sewage in complete anonymity.

Your condescending and shockingly ignorant remark about Trump and Trump supporters – as “cheap“ populists betray that you do not learn from your failure.

Democrats have urinated on Working Class and Middle Class Americans for 50 years. Your leaders deride mainstream Americans as “A basket of Deplorable” [Hillary], “Americans who cling to guns and religion” [Obama], “a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” [also Hillary] , and last week’s jaw-dropping beauty from Joe Biden – that voting Americans have no right to know if he would pack the Court , if elected.

The contempt , disregard , and self -entitlement of today’s Leftist Political Class is sickening. It is also a major factor in your 2016 POTUS election loss.

5 Kelly Roney October 29, 2020 at 3:36 PM

What an ugly, know-nothing comment! Condescension would be a step up, although it completely nails “contempt, disregard, and self-entitlement.” Deplorable was bad politics, certainly, but in this case, it’s completely accurate.

I think Joe Biden should unpack the entire Federal Judiciary, not just the Supreme Court. But Biden’s much more cautious than that. He certainly never said that he’d do what I want, but you’ve already found him guilty of it.

Anyone who likes the current Liar-in-Chief, though, should really stop claiming to want the truth.

6 Al Hamilton October 13, 2020 at 7:01 PM

We live in Massachusetts, because of the way the electoral college works, my vote pretty much does not count. Massachusetts, like Texas, California, Washington, or Louisiana, is a state dominated by a single party. If my vote was important to the electoral outcome in Massachusetts, it means that the other party is winning in the vast majority in the rest of the country (see McGovern vs Nixon).

There is a silver lining, I can vote for the candidate of my choice without worrying about the outcome in Massachusetts. In the past few elections, I have voted Libertarian which is the political philosophy closest to my own. This year is different.

Joe Biden is too old, a career hack, has a number of positions I do not like, and will be bad for my pocketbook an all around mediocre candidate. I am voting for Joe Biden. Why you might ask?

I believe that it is important to provide Biden with the largest majority popular vote possible in order to legitimize his election and protect the Republic! I believe that Donald Trump is a danger to the Republic and unfit for office.

1. He is unfit to be Commander in Chief. His disrespect for John McCain’s service, the Kahn family, General Kelly’s son, and our fallen (yes, even Fox News says he said it). As the father of 2 veterans I am disgusted by this.

2. His cozy relationship with Putin even after the Republican Senate concluded that Russia meddled in the election leaves me to wonder what Putin has on him, it may just be that Putin is playing with him the way a cat plays with a mouse?

3. His utter failure and hypocrisy with respect to the Covid crisis is reason enough for us to fire him.

4. The lies, he lies constantly, I have met guys like that in business. They invariably turn out to be con men.

5. He empowers and condones white supremacists. All you need do is look at his comments after Charlottesville to know that he will not condemn hate as long as the perpetrators “like” him.

There is a long list of other reasons, everybody knows them. I want to get back to voting for candidates that support limited government and individual liberty but this year I am forced to conclude that the preservation of the Republic requires that I put Country Before Party, hold my nose and vote for Joe Biden. I hope you will too.

7 northsider October 20, 2020 at 1:05 PM

Al, you’re right that this isn’t the year for the 3rd party vote. We need a landslide.

8 JC October 14, 2020 at 12:44 PM

I’m thoroughly exhausted by the false equivalency of lumping together Biden and Trump. In 2016 the GOP put together a slate of 17 candidates from across the political spectrum and elected the most extreme, unhinged, unqualified wackadoo. In 2020 the Dems put together a slate of 20+ candidates from across the political spectrum and elected the most experienced moderate. Biden is not and will never be a socialist and any claims to the contrary are ridiculous. This is not a normal election. Our Country is at stake, and every vote counts. I’d fully support a restructure of the system, including ranked choice voting which could pave the way for 3rd party candidates to gain traction, but right now there are two choices. One will continue us down a path of constant chaos, moral depravity, and reduced standing on the world stage, and the other will right the ship so we can go back to talking about normal issues, including 3rd party candidates. Vote wisely.

9 Frank Crowell October 14, 2020 at 9:58 PM

Census Bureau numbers for 2019.

Household income grew by 6.8%

Median Household income rose by $4,379 to $68,709 

Household income rose more among Hispanics (7.1%), African Americans (7.9%), Asians (10.6%) versus whites (5.7%) 

Median earnings for women increased by 7.8% versus 2.5% for men.

All the above are better on the whole when compared to the last 30 years, but…..

Poverty fell to 10.5% – the lowest it has been since 1959.

The data above was printed in the WSJ on September 17 of this year. My guess is most of you have not seen them until now.

People can cite MSNBC, CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC news items that at one time carried weight. Real facts matter. Hopefully sometime in the near future real journalism will again be practiced. Until then will have to suffer through “Never Trumpers” from all political parties.

10 LD October 15, 2020 at 12:08 PM

The article you cite does a lot of cherry-picking when it comes to assessing the Trump economy–if we can even call it that. This selective manipulation of some facts, while ignoring the inconvenient part of the picture, is aimed at painting a fictional picture of a great economy that just does not exist. Trump economic policy, just like everything else about this administration, is nothing more than a disarray of impulsive and chaotic measures.

The WSJ editorial board is not the only one to have done an assessment of the supposedly amazing Trump economy, The Washington Post and the BBC have recently done their own too:

There are mainly two related problems with the analysis presented in the WSJ article:

1. You cannot measure the success of the Trump economy by only looking at the pre-pandemic period. A grossly mismanaged pandemic DID happen under Trump. According to a recent study by scientists at Harvard and UPenn, the US has by far the highest COVID mortality rate among medium and high-income countries. Our country also still leads the world in the total number of cases and deaths due to COVID. These are facts. It is also a fact that the mismanagement of this public health crisis continues to translate into an economic crisis. Despite the rosy picture that this administration and its supporters want us to believe, the US recovery is much slower than that of countries that have taken the management of COVID seriously: sick workers cannot work and consume, sick or vulnerable grandparents cannot provide childcare support, etc. Whatever success there was during the pre-COVID period was largely due to fiscal and monetary excesses that gave the stock market a sugar high. The fiscal responsibility that had been part of the Republican party platform, all but disappeared in recent years. Expansionary fiscal and monetary policy is supposed to be used during times of need, not when the unemployment is already low and the economy is stable. The end result is that history is being made, but not in the way you think. The US Govt. Debt-to-GDP ratio is hovering around 100%. This is historically high, including compared to the years the Obama administration had to deal with the Great Recession. By the way, these numbers were already historically high even before the pandemic started…

2. The 2008-2009 Great Recession did happen. It is called the ‘Great’ Recession for a reason. When Obama came into office the previous Republican administration handed him an economy that was in the middle of collapsing. By contrast, Trump was handed a growing economy with a long-term decline in the unemployment rate. Taking the average of the Obama years (including the first couple of years in which he had to deal with the inherited recession) and comparing it to the average of the Trump years (and purposely excluding the COVID period) is highly misleading–and just poor economic analysis. A better comparison would be between the last 3 years of the Obama administration and the three years for which we have data during Trump. The three-year average GDP growth rate for the 2014-2016 period was 2.4% under Obama. That of the 2017-2019 period under Trump was 2.5%–not bad, but nothing to write home about…Even this analysis is kind to Trump. We do not yet have annual data for 2020. However, if the second quarter is any indication (US GDP contracted by 31.4% relative to Q2-19), Trump’s overall average will be way below Obama’s. In fact, it will likely turn out to be historic, but for all the wrong reasons.

Perhaps the most problematic aspect of this article, and of those that try to paint Trump as an economic savior, is the last part. The article states that “The question for Americans on Nov. 3 is what kind of economy they want to have on the other side.”

A much better question we should be asking ourselves on Nov. 3 is what kind of COUNTRY do we want on the other side? Do we want a country where political/moral corruption reigns and institutions don’t matter? Do we want a country where its president, instead of trying to bring people together, is constantly (and openly) sowing division between blue states vs. red states, black vs. white, suburbs vs. cities, etc.? Do we want a country where science matters or one in which millions of people have to die because we prefer to be guided by erratic gut feelings and political calculations? Do we want to keep our country or do we want to continue going down this path with a wannabe banana-republic-style dictator who wants to run the country as if it was his own plantation?

11 Frank Crowell October 15, 2020 at 2:57 PM

That was a lot words in an attempt to debunk Census Bureau data. Let’s see how you do with equations.

Biden + Burisma(Ukraine) + CEFC(China) = Corruption

12 LD October 15, 2020 at 5:35 PM

Oh, right…I’ll put it in simple-minded terms for you with a simple linear equation:

Trump + Stupidity + Racism + Incompetency + Cruelty + Corruption = 220,000 US COVID deaths + 7.9% unemployment rate + 136% federal debt/GDP ratio

Simple-minded thinking and one-line insults lead to simple-minded responses and disastrous consequences. Sorry, I won’t join the cult…Keep watching Fox News, though.

13 modern math? October 15, 2020 at 6:08 PM

Your math is deeply flawed!

Joe Biden is running for President. Hunter Biden is not. You’re apparently confusing the two. I understand it’s tough because they share a family name. They’re two separate people.

The one running for President is not associated with Fox-worthy activities in the Ukraine or China.

Re: census bureau “data” reminds me of the expression about lies and statistics. I applaud LD’s presentation of the facts.

14 Matthew Brownell October 16, 2020 at 9:07 PM

I guess you’ve missed a few news cycles this week. Including a New York Post article on Hunter Biden funneling Ukrainian and China pay-to-play / quid-pro-Joe money back to daddy-kins.

Your assertion that these are watertight compartments and “two separate people is such an incredibly offensive, and a gigantic ask of the intelligent people of Southborough to suspend their disbelief.

15 Al Hamilton October 15, 2020 at 1:17 PM

I am actually sympathetic with some of the “Trump Agenda”*. I approve of the corporate tax cuts, strong arming our allies to carry more of the burden of their own self defense, standing up to China on trade, particularly on intellectual property, reduced interventions in foreign conflicts and developing our own oil and gas resources.

But, if the price of these things is putting children in cages, separating families, letting 200,000+ Americans die alone droning in their own lung fluids, and denigrating those that paid the highest price for our liberty, the price is too high.

If Trump wants to take credit for 2019 then he has to accept responsibility for 2020 and we all know what a stand up guy he is when it comes to responsibility.

* I used the term “Trump Agenda” loosely. It is clear he has no policy agenda the real agenda is 1. Take as much money from the government and his campaign as possible. 2. Stay out of prison.

16 Interested October 16, 2020 at 10:05 AM

All I know is that I want a leader who young people can emulate. Trump is everything I do not want my sons to be. Thankfully, they agree. Everyone in my family will be voting early as we are fearful of what election day may bring. In my 44 years of voting I have never before been fearful of election day. The stress of what may happen is nearly paralyzing. Will there be unofficial, self appointed, intimidating poll watchers at the polls? Will the National Guard be called out? Is what’s happening in Portland a prelude to what our entire country will look like on Nov. 4th?
Who incited this real fear? The guy I don’t want my sons to emulate. I just want all this craziness to be over. I’m sick and tire of the lies and down right deplorable behavior from a guy who should have never been the president of the most powerful nation in the world. I want a true leader who understands that kids are watching and that his/her behavior matters in every way.

17 Doug Dratch October 16, 2020 at 3:34 PM

Frank Crowell –

I have been a hard core Republican since I could vote. Have the tax cut helped me? – yes. But quite honestly Trump has hurt this country and the Republican party more that any tax cut could help. He is a complete embarrassment to the Presidency. Quite honestly, I can not understand for the life of me – how anyone could support him.

I completely agree with all that Al Hamilton said – spot on.

At some point the Republicans need to put integrity and moral compass ahead of the party. I hope if it comes down to it after the election is over – Republicans will find their moral compass and not support Trump when (not if) he refuses to transfer power.

18 Tim Martel October 17, 2020 at 12:50 PM

I’m certainly not going to defend Trump’s behavior.

But when we talk about fear, and in particular fear for losing the Republic, we need to remember the following:

1. Joe Biden is old.
2. Joe Biden is not in the best of health.
3. Covid is everywhere.
4. Biden’s VP is a radical socialist.
5. The House is controlled by a radicalized Democratic Party that has embraced shocking socialist policies that will bankrupt this country.

I am far more concerned about this “Progressive” (i.e. Socialist) organization gaining control over our government than anything else – and that is saying something when considering how concerned I am about the current president’s behavior.

Whatever happened to the Democratic Parties of Obama and Bill Clinton? The lack of leadership from our more moderate Democratic Congress folk is the biggest disappointment.

19 Jack October 19, 2020 at 2:32 PM

Not sure where to start, but we should at least be able to talk in facts rather than the scare tactics of terms like “radicalized Democratic Party” and implying that organizations with progressive views are “socialists”.

It also seems to be the President’s policy to just say so many things that are unsubstantiated rumors, blatant lies, and sexist insults, that we stop holding him accountable as someone who should have honesty and integrity as two strong qualities. His first two wives figured it out, maybe it’s time America does too.

You say you’re worried about the country becoming bankrupt, but are voting for the guy whose businesses filed for bankruptcy 6 times from ’91-2009. Also, if you are still trying to justify your support for Trump, don’t look at the direction of the Deficit as a % of GDP since 2016.

20 LD October 19, 2020 at 3:11 PM

You ask “Whatever happened to the Democratic Parties of Obama and Bill Clinton?” Do you mean the same Obama and Clinton that the Republican party was labeling as communists just a few years ago?!

To be fair, Ronald Reagan himself would be labeled a communist today by a lot of these same people.

With regards to Biden’s health: When was the last time Trump went riding a bike? What is his BMI again?

21 Tim Martel October 19, 2020 at 10:12 PM

I’d hazard a guess that not many moderate Republicans would be too worried about a transition from Trump to Pence.

I cannot say the same for how moderate Democrats would feel about a move from Biden to Harris.

22 JC October 19, 2020 at 10:43 PM

LD – Spot on. Any argument that Biden or Harris are “radical socialists” lacks any credibility. The country has been tacking to the right for a long time. In the primaries leading up to the 1980 election Reagan and his then-competitor Bush Sr. tussled in debates, trying to one-up each other on who would be more compassionate toward illegal immigrants, and Regan supported common sense gun laws applied at the federal level. As my a formerly republican now independent, Biden-supporting family member recently said, “I didn’t leave my party, my party left me”.

Biden will be responsible. Biden will be reasonable. Biden will surround himself with people who know what they’re doing. Biden will put country over party, and certainly over his own interests. Biden won’t lie or incite violence or lob schoolyard bully insults every time he opens his mouth. Biden doesn’t cheat on taxes, his wife, or in golf.

And if decency isn’t your cup of tea, Goldman Sachs endorsed Biden’s economic plan over Trump’s, and C-suite level bankers are pouring their money into Biden’s campaign, not Trump’s. Even before Covid, the Trump economy (build by Obama and juiced by unnecessarily low interest rates and regulation rollbacks that damaged everything other than the economy) was faltering, and Trump already used every tool during the good times leaving him defenseless against the impending downturn, meanwhile blowing up the deficit to unprecedented and unsustainable levels. Even the over-hyped stock market indicator is actually flat overall, we just got to take a roller coaster ride to get to the same place. The narrative that Trump is good for the economy is just false.

23 Frank Crowell October 20, 2020 at 12:45 PM

“Any argument that Biden or Harris are “radical socialists” lacks any credibility”


In the horse race of “what is the governing concept” of the Biden campaign, corruption is ahead of socialism by at least four lengths. Or maybe it’s the same horse just a different jockey. Whatever the case, I hope it breaks a leg on the home stretch.

24 Kelly Roney October 29, 2020 at 3:43 PM

1. Joe Biden is 78. Donald Trump is 74.
2. Joe Biden is in much better health than Donald Trump. Trump’s morbidly obese and only releases obvious lies about that and about the rest of his health.
3. Covid would be in fewer households if Trump had done his job. He couldn’t even protect himself. He didn’t care about protecting you.
4. Kamala Harris is not by any means a radical or a socialist, much less both.
5. The Democrats in the House are mildly liberal, and they really ought to be. Note that Tim provides zero examples of their alleged (and laughable) radicalism.

Joe Biden is the Democratic Party of Obama.

The hysteria I see on the other side would be funny if this election didn’t matter so much.

25 Frank Crowell October 19, 2020 at 9:42 AM

Then there is the little matter of no one in the Biden campaign saying that the emails are inauthentic.


I wonder how many people will show up on November 3 wanting to change their mail in vote?

26 LD October 19, 2020 at 3:31 PM

The Biden campaign has denied these meetings. This sketchy innuendo from a tabloid (one which even the author can’t stand behind) has been thoroughly debunked by most serious publications. Even the FBI appears to be investigating this fake story as yet another case of foreign influence in our election. It is not a coincidence that the timing is very similar to the Hillary Clinton server story four years ago. The modus operandi is the same: throw out a series of false accusations with questionable provenance, leave little time for them to be disproven, and repeat and repeat throughout extreme right-wing media.

If there was so much wrong with Hillary Clinton’s server/emails, why is she still walking around a free woman? Is it because of Trump’s benevolence? I don’t think so!

What’s more, and even if this was true (which it is not), after nearly 50 years of Biden serving as a US senator, the best they can come up with is some raunchy video of his son and some inconclusive e-mail about a meeting? This would be peanuts in comparison to the level of corruption and clientelism that has been the norm in the last four years.

27 Kelly Roney October 29, 2020 at 3:42 PM

Frank Crowell will not be showing up to vote at all in Southborough. There’s still no one by that name on the town census.

I’m sure that Beth Melo knows who he is, as she’s said. He’s welcome to be just as pseudonymous as LD, for example, even though I choose differently.

28 Frank Crowell October 29, 2020 at 8:25 PM

Same old stuff from years ago. I have stated before I am not using my real name. Frank does enjoy rent free living ……………. in your head.


Minnesota! ……….”Say ain’t so Joe!”


29 Kelly Roney October 30, 2020 at 9:10 PM

FC likes to have his pseudonym and eat it, too. Must be a shy Trumper.

I wouldn’t wrap fish in Breitbart. It would rot faster. (Note to the literal-minded: This is a metaphor.)

30 Just sayin October 19, 2020 at 4:35 PM

Biden has been re-elected a lot.

31 Allan Bezanson October 20, 2020 at 8:31 AM

It’s never too soon to become a former Trump supporter

Art of the deal my eye. Bankruptcy after bankruptcy. He’s Mary’s crazy uncle. So narcissistic he is blind to reality. Survives by conning, lying, cheating, bullying, falsely scapegoating. Rode into the White House with the lunatic conspiracy theory about Obama’s birthing. Some role model for America’s young people. Does that matter?

When WWII ended I was ten and I remember the brands from those days. Hitler=Germany, Mussolini=Italy, Tojo=Japan. Now in the spotlight on the world stage Trump=America. That’s about one third true because that many Americans elected him. Does America’s brand matter?

Sure, Joe Biden has warts. Donald Trump is a colossal loser. He’s killing us. Failed at crisis management when the pandemic came along. He is unfit to be president. Unscrupulous, corrupt. Trump is a festering malignancy with no plan for America if he is re-elected. Does that matter?

32 Allan Bezanson October 21, 2020 at 8:18 AM

Breaking news!

Hunter Biden is not running for President

33 Lisa November 4, 2020 at 10:22 PM

Honestly, stay out of the race if you can’t win. Taking votes away from the two main candidates. And now it counts…

34 dominic rofrano November 11, 2020 at 2:43 AM

I love her

35 beth October 19, 2020 at 8:30 AM

Another perspective on NY Post story. NY Times wrote:

The New York Post’s front-page article about Hunter Biden on Wednesday was written mostly by a staff reporter who refused to put his name on it. . .
Many Post staff members questioned whether the paper had done enough to verify the authenticity of the hard drive’s contents, said five people with knowledge of the tabloid’s inner workings. Staff members also had concerns about the reliability of its sources and its timing, the people said.

36 I guess I am a Socialist...NOT October 19, 2020 at 11:45 AM

Does it need to be said that The New York Post is a Murdoch owned paper…same owner as FOX…Need I say more?

37 Matthew Brownell October 19, 2020 at 10:00 PM

Umm, yeah .

We do need to say more .

For starters , acknowledging that the New York Times hasn’t endorsed a Republican candidate for POTUS or the U.S. Senate in more than 50 years.

And admitting than when media outlet “Breaking Stories” are primarily generated from unattributed statements, unchecked facts, unnamed sources, and reclamation’s lapdog talking heads who are 4 or 5 times removed from the direct source . . . then, yes, this is a congenital problem that fails everyone

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