Cub Scouts are selling wreaths and candles – but they won’t be knocking at doors

Above: Cub Scouts won’t be going door to door, but they’ll still be selling wreaths and hand dipped Hanukkah candles. (Photo left by Beth Melo, right contributed in a prior year – this year’s candles may be different colors)

I know it seems too early to think about the December holidays. But it’s almost the time of year that Cub Scouts normally start hitting the pavement to sell Christmas wreaths and Hanukkah candles. They asked me to share the news that they won’t be knocking on your doors this fall.

The Cub Scouts are still selling wreaths and candles. They’ll just be doing it from a distance – over phone or through emails.

Due to the unique conditions, scouts aren’t being assigned specific routes. That means a specific scout isn’t assigned to sell to you. It also means that you are free to order from any Cub Scout in town that you know.

If you don’t know a scout to buy from, or don’t want to wait to be approached, you can reach out to coordinators by email. Or, you can look for upcoming (limited) sales at the Transfer Station in November.

Details are in the statement below:

An honored tradition among our cub scout packs is the annual holiday wreath and Hanukah candle sales. In addition to providing critical funding for our packs, this initiative teaches our scouts key life-skills: entrepreneurship, public speaking, civic engagement and teamwork.

We understand the importance of this activity, and have developed a plan to keep these sales in light of important COVID19 health and safety precautions.
Recognizing the need to change in light of the pandemic, scouts will be selling to their friends and families in a socially-distant manner. This means that scouts will not be going door to door on assigned routes. Instead, you may receive an email or phone call from your local, neighborhood scout. Additionally, Pack 1 and Pack 926 will be joining efforts and proceeds from all sales will be divided equally between the packs. As such, feel free to purchase from any scout in town.

In addition to friends and family sales (going on now until November 14th), there will be limited sales at the Transfer Station in late November. Wreaths and candles will be delivered before Thanksgiving. (All items are $15 each, cash or check accepted at time of purchase.)

If you are interested and do not know a local scout, please feel free to email Laura ( or Sara ( and they will assist with taking your order remotely.

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