Southborough’s Red Barns are now NY Bagel Factories serving RB Coffee

Above: Owners of longtime Southborough coffee shops made a deal with new owners that is hopefully a win for customers. (images cropped from Facebook posts and photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

After 23 years, there are no longer any Red Barn Coffee shops in Southborough. Don’t worry, the news isn’t all bad. In fact, many customers and residents might consider the change good news.

Thanks to a deal with the new owners, customers can still get their favorite coffee drinks. Now, they can also order NY style bagels to go with them.

Red Barn Roasters sold its two Southborough locations (20 Turnpike Road & 205 Turnpike Road) to the NY Bagel Factory. As part of the deal, the shops will continue to sell the roasters’ beans, coffees, lattes, and the like.

The changeover took place last week. Last week, the prior owners announced the news on Facebook. As part of the announcement they noted, “You may even see some familiar faces behind the counter.”

Red Barn’s Westborough and Longwood locations are still open, as is their Upton roasting facility. As for Southborough, they wrote to customers:

We want to thank each and everyone of you for your morning smile, quick wit, and most of all your loyal patronage and friendship. It has been an honor and a blessing to be able to serve the Southborough community of families and local businesses for all these years.

Please welcome @newyorkbagelfactory and enjoy their delicious bagels with a cup of Red Barn!

The new bagel shops were purchased by the owners of the former Brooklyn Water Bagels in Framingham. The renamed flagship store and two new locations are now branded NY Bagel Factory.

Looking at the threw me off. It still sports the menu for the original site with only regular brews of Red Barn coffee and iced coffee listed. So, I swung by one of the Southborough shops today to find out what they’re pouring.

NY Bagel Factory's Red Barn Coffee Bar menu (photo by Beth Melo)An employee at Rte. 9 West explained that the original location doesn’t have the equipment for barista crafted drinks. But baristas are at work using the old Red Barn equipment in Southborough. (You can see that coffee menu right.)

Last week was the soft opening for Southborough. The owners posted on Facebook that both locations were open. Beyond coffee and bagels, they’re selling muffins and  sandwiches. Now, they are looking to get the word out wider. 

Meanwhile, at least at the Route 9 Westbound, you wouldn’t know there’s been a change by driving by. As of this afternoon he only sign of new ownership is on the door.

For more details on the new location, check them out on Facebook here.

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