Covid Update: Spike brings Southborough’s cumulative cases to 213 (Updated)

Dec 17 evening - tracking Covid in Southborough

Above: The same day that the Town reported a second death due to Covid confirmed cases surged. (Click to enlarge)

Three weeks from Thanksgiving Day, Southborough’s confirmed cases saw a massive spike. The Town is now at 213 cases with 46% of those confirmed since the holiday. The biggest surge came on the same day that Southborough’s Covid-19 page indicated that a second resident succumbed to the virus.

Last night, the Town added another 15 confirmed cases on top of 12 that morning. Records were broken across the board.

The Town has now confirmed 35% more cases within 14 days than ever before. In the past 14 days, 77 cases were confirmed, with 45 of those in the past week. Plus, after a slight dip, active cases surged up to 78 cases, a significant peak. 

Below are my updated charts.

Dec 17 evening - Covid by ages in Southborough Dec 17 evening - Covid by ages in Southborough over time Dec 17 evening - Cumulative total Covid in Southborough Dec 17 evening - Confirmed per Day in Southborough over 14 days

Updated (12/18/20 3:50 pm): The Town’s page was updated this afternoon with 3 more cases. We’re now up to 216 confirmed cases with 83 people currently in isolation. It looks like some data from last night’s posting was also apparently fixed. Two additional cases are now considered “active” and the age group for one infected patient was reclassified from in their 60s to in their 50s. My updated graphs are posted to my Covid-19 info page here.

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3 years ago


The numbers for Southborough keep getting worse. Let’s look at the pie chart. The under-20 and the 50-59 age groups make up about half of all cases. This looks like students and their families.

The next graph shows a disturbing sharply upward trend post-Thanksgiving for the under-20 and 50-59 age groups as well as the 20-29 year old group, Family members and college students?

Would it be possible that people (~50M in the US) might learn from the Thanksgiving travel experiment and resist the temptation to repeat the behavior for the upcoming holidays?

Don’t attend super-spreader events or become a super-spreader yourself!

Stay home!

Stay well!

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