Regional School Committee Election: Meet the Candidates video & statements

Above: The Southborough Library hosted a second virtual Meet the Candidates event. This one was focused on candidates for the school committee responsible for Algonquin Regional High School.

Yesterday, the Southborough Library posted its companion video to last week’s Meet the Candidates night. This one focused on candidates for the Northborough-Southborough Regional School Committee.*

It looks like no questions were submitted by the public for this session. The video is simply comprised of candidates’ statements.

Unfortunately, one of three candidates running for the two Northborough seats was missing. Library Director Ryan Donovan stated that he had been unsuccessful in getting in touch with Committee member Kathleen Howland about her participation.

Fortunately, all three of the candidates submitted written statements to the Northborough Guide this spring. I’ll share those links below.

The video also covered the non-race of two candidates for re-election to Southborough seats. Although member Cathy Kea was unable to attend, she submitted a statement which Donovan shared.

You can watch the full video here.

Below are links to each candidate’s statements, both the video and the Northborough guide where relevant:

NB-SB Regional School District Committee (NB Candidate) – 3 years (vote for two)
Karen Ares (appointed)**video statement, Northborough Guide Statement
Kathleen Howland (incumbent) Northborough Guide Statement
Mariam Ibrahimi  – video statement, Northborough Guide Statement

NB-SB Regional School District Committee (SB Candidate) – 3 years (vote for two)
Kathleen A. Harragan (incumbent)video statement
Cathy A. Kea (incumbent)video statement

*The original Meet the Candidates night conflicted with a Regional School Committee meeting last week.

**Ares was appointed to fill a vacant seat last June.

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Tim Martel
2 years ago

I would like to understand why parents should entrust something as important as oversight of our school district, with its associated policy and budget management responsibilities, to someone who is maybe two years out of high school and thus lacks any credible amount of life experience, higher education, or work-related capabilities.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tim Martel

consider the policy and either do or don’t. don’t have to make bad faith “just askin’ questions” queries about it.

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