Boys Youth Basketball boasts 3 Division Champs

The high schools aren’t the only athletics boasting achievements this winter. Southborough Youth Basketball reached out with news.

Three SYB Travel teams won their Division Championships for the regular season.* That’s two teams of 7th graders and one 4th grade team.

Below are photos next to team details (click to enlarge):

7B Maroon Travel (contributed)7B MAROON Travel
Season Record: 12-3

Players: Rishab Yarala, Max Tolander, Jake O’Connell, Alex Deschaine, Liam Murphy, Max Khoury, Tanay Samuel, Graham Chiota, and AJ Phaneuf
Coaches: Tom Khoury / Mike Murphy

7B White Travel (contributed)7B WHITE Travel
Season Record: 11-1

Players: Ryan Desouza, Colin Murphy, Alex Moorehead, Shreyas Potharaju, Trevor Murray, Luke McAuliffe, Taylor Murray, Lewis Fitt, and Matthew Fialkow
Coaches: Sean Murray / Lauren Freer / Dave Fialkow

4B Maroon Travel (contributed)4B MAROON Travel
Season Record: 9-2

Players: Teagan Roy, Rayan Kongala, Toby Awadalla, Zac Diesenhaus, Cooper Soro, Teddy Benoit, and Mohammed Hatami
Coaches: Dan Benoit / Brian Diesenhaus

*Apparently, all have fallen out of the post-season tourneys.

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