Town Election: Races for Planning Board and Regional School Committee, not Select Board

Last night was the deadline for filing papers to run in the Town’s election in May. The last time I updated on the races that were brewing between Southborough seats, there were two. There still are two, but one has changed.

A second candidate filed to run for the Northborough-Southborough Regional School Committee. Unless one files to officially withdraw by April 5th, we’ll be choosing between Danielle Culgin Goodwin and Matthew Spencer. (They are running for the seat that is currently held by Dan Kolenda.)

As I previously noted, there is also a race for the Northborough seat. Incumbent Joan Frank is being challenged by William Barlow Redfern.

In the Select Board race that had been brewing, one candidate (Michael Weishan) didn’t file papers to run on the upcoming ballot. That leaves two candidates (Sam Stivers and Kathy Cook) running for two seats.

Unchanged is the race for the Planning Board. Both Debbie DeMuria and Alan Belniak filed to run.

Below is the updated list of who filed papers. Unless otherwise specified, each position has one seat available:


NB-SB Regional School District Committee (SB Candidate) – 3 year term
Danielle Culgin Goodwin
Matthew Spencer

NB-SB Regional School District Committee (NB Candidate) – 3 year term
Joan Frank (incumbent)
William Barlow Redfern

Planning Board – 5 year term
Alan Belniak
Deborah DeMuria


Board of Assessors – 3 year term
Jeffrey Klein (incumbent)

Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds – 3 year term
Nicholas Mccoy (incumbent)

Board of Health – 3 year term
Safdar Medina (incumbent)**

Board of Trustees Southborough Libraryvote for two3 year term
Marguerite Landry (incumbent)
Janet Maney (incumbent)

Moderator – 1 year term
Paul Cimino (incumbent)

Select Boardvote for two3 year term
Sam Stivers (incumbent)
Kathy Cook

Southborough School Committee – 3 year term
Roger Challen (incumbent)

To vote in the election, make sure you’re registered by April 20th at 7:00 pm. And save the date to vote on May 10th between 6:30 am – 8:00 pm at Trottier Middle School. (Or apply for Absentee Voting here.)

**Medina wasn’t previously elected, but is currently serving on the Board of Health. He was appointed last summer to fill the vacancy when former Chair Mary Lou Woodford stepped down.

Updated (3/23/22 8:27 am): I reformatted the list to split contested and uncontested positions.

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