Candidate’s Letter: Alan Belniak for Planning Board

[Editor’s note: This spring, residents will choose from two candidates running for one seat on the Planning Board. To help you make that decision, I have invited each to submit a letter to readers.

As in past years, you may use comments to endorse the candidate. No mudslinging allowed here.]

I’m Alan Belniak and I’m asking for your vote for Planning Board on May 10.

My Interest In Planning Board

I align my skills and background to opportunities where I feel I can make an impact in our community. I have lots of interests and passions, and strive to align my skill set with an open opportunity. As an example, my family previously used the Southborough Extended Day Program, and I served on its Board of Directors as a way to help guide and shape that program to serve the Southborough community in a positive way. Currently, I enjoy my time serving as the Vice-Chair of Siouthborough’s Economic Development Committee (EDC), helping shape the quality of life through prosperous, balanced and sustainable economic development. The current Planning Board vacancy will need to be filled by someone who has a local, community-focused passion, and I’m confident I’m the right candidate for the role.

Elected Planning Board members are responsible for executing the recommendations of the Master Plan. Southborough taxpayers have paid a tremendous amount of their money for these studies. Much work remains to act on and fulfill the study recommendations, and this is what I’d focus on. I view success in this role as helping shape a future Southborough that we can all be proud of, while striking a balance of a quaint New England town with smart growth and realistic plans that retains our character.

Why I’m Qualified

  1. I’d offer a fresh perspective to the Planning Board. I have yet to serve on any elected board in the Town, and do not bring any preconceived notions or approaches with me. 
  2. I use a common-sense and practical approach when dealing with issues and problems, striving for timely and equitable solutions. 
  3. In my civil engineering career, I have worked with numerous municipal planning boards. Through this work, I have built a thorough working knowledge of the Massachusetts municipal planning board role and process, and how it can help shape a community.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from WPI, and a Technology-focused MBA from Babson College, both in Massachusetts. My education and background have prepared me to succeed at this. Throughout my career, I’ve learned and honed these skills:

  • Ability to quickly understand and clarify issues
  • Asking probing questions to tackle the real issue
  • Determine best paths to finding solutions
  • Identify necessary resources for problem resolution 
  • Using a creative thinking approach
  • Working collaboratively with cross-functional teams

And through it all, I believe I’ve also honed three key character traits that define a strong work ethic:

  • Integrity – I will uphold the commitment I have made and will make to my supportive community, past and present.
  • Fairness – I will listen to understand issues, act responsibly, and execute collaboratively.
  • Optimism – I love this town and think it has a great future. I want to help move Southborough forward while retaining the character that many of us chose as the reason to live here.

And as much as I believe this about myself – others do, too. You can view what others have said about working with me by reading excerpts of LinkedIn endorsements, on my campaign website ( You can also sign up to be added to the mailing list and get future updates.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that I can earn your vote on May 10!

Alan Belniak

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