Tonight: Friends of the Library’s Annual Meeting (and last day of Fudge Sales) and the Food Truck Festival

Friends of the Southborough LibraryI’m taking off the rest of the afternoon. In part that’s to prepare for this evening’s Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Southborough Library. So, it’s a good time to remind readers that you can join us tonight. (We’ll have some refreshments to celebrate our first in-person gathering since March 2020!)

We’ll be at the Library at 7:30 pm upstairs. (Note: Facilities is working on the interior stairwell, so you’ll either need to take the elevator or come in through the door on the Main Street side of the building.)

Friends of the Southborough Library's Fudge fundraiser featuring treats by the Fudge LadyIt’s also the last day of our Fudge Sale. We’ll have a table at the Food Trucks Festival tonight where you can place orders. Order forms are also available at the Library and in the dedicated post with more details here.

Food Truck Festival (by Beth Melo)Speaking of the Food Truck Festival, I’m so glad this morning’s downpour was brief.

The forecast is all clear for the 3:30 – 7:30 pm event at St. Mark’s meadow (the corner of Rte 85 and Rte 30). The Southborough Rotary Club tells me to expect the following trucks tonight: Anzio Pizza, Bubbes Blintzes, Grub Guru, Say Cheese, and Trombetta’s Ice Cream.

And don’t forget, you can get a voucher to the food trucks for supporting camp scholarships. You can use it tonight or next Wednesday (the final night of the festival). For details, see dedicated posts.

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