Enjoy Art on the Trails & Submit inspired poetry

Above: The 2022 Art on the Trails exhibit “Exposure” is on display all summer. (photo by Chelsea Bradway of Madeleine Lord’s work “Manage the Moment” )

Earlier this month, 15 artworks were installed for Southborough’s 6th annual Art on the Trails. Now organizers are encouraging visitors to find inspiration for poetry.

As has become tradition, a chapbook of poetry about or inspired by installations will be published in September. Submissions will be accepted through August 4th. (Click here to read more about that and the poetry judge Wendy Drexler.)

Of course, you don’t have to be a poet to enjoy the exhibit hosted by Southborough Open Land Foundation alongside trails at Beals Preserve. It will be on display for the public through September 11th. 

Below is the list of exhibits and a map of where to find them. (For a zoomable pdf version, click here.) 

  1. Art on the Trails map 2022“Grow & Take Flight” – Neary School students and art teacher Denise Johnson, Southborough
  2. “LEFT UNCOVERED” – Jason Peoples, Southborough
  3. “I’m here. Still here.” –Sarah Alexander, Hopedale, MA
  4. “Soar” – Margot McMahon, Oak Park, IL
  5. “Full Circle” – Bob Kephart, Southborough
  6. “Disk Dentroid” – Bill Cohn, Lexington, MA
  7. “Please hold me” – Mike Greenberg, Medford, MA
  8. “Gentle Buddha” – Gary Phillips, Northborough, MA
  9. “Suspension Bridge”– Chris King, Worcester, MA
  10. “Unanchored Roots” – Matt Cahill, Brewster, MA
  11. “Manage the Moment” – Madeleine Lord, Dudley, MA
  12. “Frozen in Life” – Anna Thurber, Weston, MA
  13. “Pods Aloft” – Trish Dehls, Woodstock, CT
  14. “Glimmers of Grace” – Catherine Weber, Southborough
  15. “Centerfolds” – St. Pierre, Framingham, MA

This summer’s theme is Exposure. SOLF’s Vice President expounded, “Once an artist is in the woods, the honesty and simplicity of nature energizes creativity and the imagination.”

Art was selected from submitted proposals by Maine sculptor Anne Alexander. She described, “Walking along the trails, visitors will experience many delightful sculptures, each using different forms, textures, materials, imagery and concepts.”

If you’d like a preview of what to expect, check out the brief video images of artists in front of their installations on Instagram and Facebook.

In addition to support from SOLF, organizers thanked the Southborough Community Fund and Southborough Cultural Arts Council (through the Massachusetts Cultural Council) for their funding support. Learn more about the exhibit at www.artonthetrails.com.

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