Seeking a volunteer with UXR skills

The Town is seeking someone to volunteer several hours per month to help improve tech

Above: The Town has made recent enhancements to its website, but is looking for help continuing to improve the user experience for that and other Town tech. (image cropped from Town website)

The Municipal Technology Committee asked me to share their call for a specialized volunteer.

MTC is:

seeking a resident with User Experience Research (UXR) skills willing to volunteer several hours a month. This volunteer would help design and/or improve the key user interaction flows (value streams) of the town website and other key town technologies. If you have UXR skills and are interested please contact:

UXR is on the agenda for tonight’s MTC meeting at 7:00 pm. So if you want to hear more about what they are looking for (and maybe ask questions), that’s worth checking out. (Click here for the agenda, and here for the zoom link. Or look for the recording later here.)

If you have the relevant skills, you should obviously know what UXR means. For the rest of us keeping tabs on Town news, I looked up a lay speak definition. According to TechTarget:

UX (user experience) research is the study of learning what end users of a system or product need and want, then employing those insights to enhance the design process for products, services or software.

In Southborough Town government, users would include residents looking for information and resources on the website, plus businesses/developers seeking to submit applications for permits, etc. But users for some of the tech could also include Town employees who need to make use of databases and other applications.

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