The week in government

Planning Board; Select Board on Tax Classification and Pocket Park; Regional School Committee and more.

Here are the posted open, public Southborough committee and board meetings for this week* along with my selected highlights from the agendas.

These days, some meetings are over zoom, some in-person, and others are hybrids that allow both participation through both options.**

As always, be aware that changes to the meeting schedule (and agendas) are known to happen throughout the week. For an updated list of meetings, visit the Town website.

Monday, October 17, 2022

  • Golf Course Committee Meeting, 9:00 am (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Finalize presentation to Select Board
  • Planning Board Meeting, 7:00 pm @ Town House Hearing Room and zoom (agenda, hearing materials) Agenda Highlights: Hearing on 250 Turnpike Rd Major Site Plan; Clarification requested on endorsement of 250 Turnpike Rd ANR; 154 Turnpike Rd Site Scenic Road Tree Removal; Kens Foods’ noise barrier and drainage status; Master Plan Implementation Committee Appointment; Process for proposed Hopkinton water connection project

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

  • Taxation Aid Committee Meeting, 4:30 pm @ Town House Hearing Room (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Next steps to identify funding opportunities
  • Board of Assessors Meeting, 6:00 pm @ Town House, Assessor’s Office (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Sign documents and review written comments by citizens regarding classification hearing; Meeting then moves to join Select Board meeting below
  • Select Board Meeting, 6:30 pm @ Town House Hearing Room and zoom (agenda and packet) Agenda Highlights: Tax Classification Hearing; Pole Hearing for 9 Clemmons St; Golf Course Committee Update; Update on IT upgrades; Discuss next steps in completing Pocket Park
  • Recreation Commission Meeting, 7:00 pm (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Update on programs, Camp RFP, and van purchase; 9/11 field revolving fund transfer policy review; Request for 10/24 meeting with Capital Committee; Lundblad study discussions; Rec Director Training

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

  • Southborough Housing Authority Meeting, 5:30 pm @ Colonial Gardens, 49 Boston Rd (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Small Project Requisition $2,650; Management agreement review
  • Northborough – Southborough Regional School Meeting, 6:30 pm @ ARHS Library, 79 Bartlett St, Northborough** (agenda) Agenda Highlights: School Improvement Plan 22-23 Action Plan; Athletic Update; FY24 Budget Priority; Athletic Complex project; Vacancy update

Thursday, October 20, 2022

  • Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds Meeting, 8:00 am @ Town House Hearing Room (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Fund performance; Review holiday gift giving; Community Fund disbursement

*I don’t include closed Executive Sessions unless the agenda indicates the possibility of some action in an open public session at the opening or closing of the meeting.

**Details on watching meetings remotely:

  • Regional School Committee meetings (or Combined meetings based at Algonquin) are broadcast by Northborough Cable Access here and on Verizon-29 and Charter-194. The meetings are also eventually rebroadcast and available through NCAT’s VOD player and YouTube channel (though that can take several days).
  • If I don’t specify a location for Town committees and boards, they will be held on zoom (details here). Zoom/hybrid meetins are also streamed live and saved for replay via the Town’s YouTube Channel for Remote Meetings. (Though, occasionally there are glitches.) If in-person meetings don’t also advertise a zoom option, assume that it won’t be captured on video

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