Village Society 100th anniversary fundraiser

To celebrate its centennial, the Southborough Village Society is asking the public to support the Community House by buying engraved bricks.

Above: To help support the Southborough Village Society’s ability to continue making its historic downtown property available for community events and facility rentals, they are asking the community to purchase engraved bricks. (image from website and contributed photo)

Last month, I shared that the Southborough Village Society was celebrating their Centennial. The non-profit supporting the Southborough Community House asked me to follow up with more details on their brick fundraiser.

The Community House at 28 Main Street was donated to the people of our town in 1922 by Charles F. Choate, Jr. The Southborough Village Society was formed to oversee it.

As I previously wrote, to support their ability to continue making the historic downtown property available for community events and facility rentals, SVS is asking the community to purchase engraved bricks.

Since I shared the news, they created a dedicated fundraising page to better promote the opportunity. It explains:

To this day we remain happily committed to our founder’s charter to provide a venue for community members to gather for any number of social needs from holiday or retirement parties to baby showers or memorial services. Your generous donation will be commemorated on the entrance pathway to the Community House on a sturdy brick that should last at least another century.

The gratitude of The Southborough Village Society and your neighbors who, with your support, will continue to have the opportunity to make new memories in our old facility, should last at least that long as well.

Sample brick from Southborough Village Society Fuindraiser (contributed)On the website, you can enter the information you’d like to have engraved on 4×8 bricks for $100 each. For an extra cost, you can purchase special bricks to keep, commemorating the purchase. A duplicate “Donor Brick” with felt backing is available for $40. A smaller “Souvenir Brick” is available for $25.

For more details and to purchase bricks, click here.

SVS held its Centennial Celebration on Heritage Day. I wasn’t able to attend, but the Community Advocate covered the ceremony (with photos). They also interviewed the longtime, 2nd generation caretaker Bea Ginga and SVS’ president and neighbor, Dan Donahue. You can read that story here.

To read more about the history of the property, check out SVS’s website here.

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