Post-season Update

ARHS Girls Soccer is playing in the Round of 8

Girls Soccer beat another challenger last night to advance to the next phase of the state playoffs this weekend.

According to the Telegram, Gabby Miranda scored in the last five minutes of the 1-0 game vs Framingham. You can read about the drama here.

Now with 14 wins, 6 ties, and only 1 loss on their record, the 4th seed Titans move onto the D1 Round of 8 this Saturday. They’ll host 5th seed Newton South at 6:00 pm.

Tickets must be pre-purchased online here.* Reminder: earlier this week, the school cautioned about handling of the e-tickets:

Please do not redeem your ticket – we will do this at the game. No screen shots of the tickets – send the tickets to your phone.

In other Titans sports. . .

Last night wasn’t as good for Gonk Football. The Titans lost 42-20 in North Middlesex.

As I covered on Wednesday, Cross Country is heading to their D1 state championship tournaments today and Cheer to CMass Finals on Sunday. You can find those details here.

*As of writing this story, the game wasn’t posted to yet, but they should become available.

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