Satirical Comedy on stage at Algonquin

ARHS students are putting on Molière's Tartuffe tonight through Saturday on the small stage

Above: The GonkStage is presenting a comedy on hypocrisy that dates back to the 1600’s but is considered “as relevant as ever”. (image cropped from flyer)

This week, public performances of Algonquin’s winter play are taking place in the high school’s Black Box Theater. A dozen students are performing in a French classical satire.

The school’s Art Dept promotes:

Tartuffe flyerA satirical comedy by French playwright Molière, Tartuffe (originally performed in 1664) tells the story of a wealthy family who falls under the influence of a shady character, and their desperate attempt to uncover his true nature before it’s too late. Exploring hypocrisy, betrayal, and what it means to truly love and look out for one another, this theater classic proves to be as relevant as ever in today’s political and social climate.

Last weekend, the Algonquin’s hosted the Mass Education Theater Guild’s 2023 Massachusetts Theater Celebration. Five guest schools performed their play, followed by Gonk’s performance of Tartuffe. As part of the process, educators provide constructive criticism to help the schools prepare for their public performances.

Those public performances are tonight (Thursday, March 9th) through Saturday, March 11th at 7:00 pm. Tickets will be sold at the door for $5 each.

The cast list is:

  • Orgon — Daniel Boush
  • Tartuffe — Justice Huang
  • Valere — Henry Hart
  • Madame Pernelle — Alex Reineke
  • Elmire — Aidan Kane
  • Dorine — Jay Guarino
  • Cleante — Nathan Spadafora
  • Mariane — Viviana Lebel
  • Damis — Mattew Carreras
  • Madame Loyal — Lydia Reineke
  • Officer — Sarah Hoskins
  • Flipote — Adam Guggina

Yesterday, the school paper published a Q&A with four of the lead actors about their experience. (along with some great photos from rehearsals) here:

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