Seeking Support for ARHS Post Prom Party

The APTO is seeking donations and sponsorships, along with parent volunteers to help solicit them.

The APTO (Algonquin Parent Teacher Organization) is putting out its annual call for help supporting their biggest expense — the Post Prom Party for Algonquin Regional High School.

The challenge is offering a free event for all juniors with enough can’t-miss activities that the students want to attend. To that end, they are looking for community support. That includes seeking parent volunteers willing to wrangle sponsorships. Here is their message:

The most expensive and fun-filled event that the APTO plans to support our school is the Junior Post Prom Party from midnight to 5:00 a.m. Hosting a post prom party is very expensive, therefore, we need more support from parents than we usually request. Your donation is an incredible way to support the prom and our students. Donate to the junior post prom party here.

We are also looking for a few parents to assist with some business and food donations. Please reach out to us at if you can volunteer. Your time would be greatly appreciated.

For more details, click here.

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