Tree removal hearings – Tuesday (Updated)

Planning and Select boards to discuss new tree policy and hold consolidated hearings on tree removals.

Above: Next week, officials will make decisions about whether issues reported on 70 trees across town (including these two) warrant trimming or removing them. (images from hearing packet)

On Tuesday, May 2nd, the Planning Board and Select Board will hold joint a joint meeting to deal with tree issues in town.

During the meeting, the boards will discuss an updated Tree Policy for the Town. But first, they will hold a consolidated hearing on the potential removal of 70 public shade trees across town.

Many of the tree removals were requested by concerned residents. Others were requested by the DPW or National Grid. Scroll down for the list of streets that are covered by the removal requests. The requests mostly cover trees that are described as dead or diseased and reported to be dropping wood/limbs. 

The hearing will also address 11 trees and the stonewall that were previously removed on St. Mark’s Street without going through the hearing required under state law. It’s an issue that the Planning Board has been asking the Select Board to address since September.

The removals on St. Mark’s Street took place during the initial stages of the street and park construction project in 2021. The razing of trees at the site was what initially drew negative public attention to the controversial project.

The requested tree removals are on the following streets in town:

  • Chestnut Hill Road
  • Cordaville Road
  • Deerfoot Road
  • Edgewood Road
  • Flagg Road
  • Gilmore Road
  • Granuaile Road
  • John Street
  • Lovers Lane
  • Middle Road
  • Mt Vickery Road
  • Newton Street
  • Oak Hill road
  • Oregon Road
  • Parkerville Road
  • Powdermill Lane
  • Southville Road
  • Stowe Road
  • Valley Road
  • Walker Street
  • Wood Street
  • Woodland Road
The meeting will take place at the Town House and over zoom at 6:30 pm on Tuesday.
You can find the hearing notice and the packet with tree details and photos here. (Unfortunately, many of those photos appear to have been taken in the winter, making it tough to tell what is clearly dead vs hibernating.) The meeting agenda is here.

Updated (4/27/23 7:17 am) I had mistakenly read May 2nd as a Monday. The meeting is on Tuesday.

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