Candidate’s Letter: Zhi Li for School Committee

[Editor’s note: This spring, Southborough voters will be able to choose among three candidates for two seats on the Southborough School Committee. To help you make that decision, each candidate is invited to submit one letter to readers promoting their campaign. (To find other candidates’ letters click here.)

As in past years, you may use comments to endorse the candidate. No mudslinging allowed here.]

To the Editor:

Dear Southborough Voters,

My name is Zhi Li. I’m running for the School Committee in our town. I’m an Associate Director at a large pharmaceutical company. I lead a group of 20 scientists and engineers to support the manufacturing of life-saving medicines. Outside of that, my third grader Emma keeps me busy. I’m passionate about learning with her and also serving the community. I’ve served on her school council and coached her softball team for 2 years, in both Shrewsbury and Southborough. I substituted at the Shrewsbury schools using my vacation time when the schools faced a shortage. I immigrated to the US 17 years ago. I’ve studied and worked in Illinois and New York before moving to Massachusetts. Last year my family “immigrated” from Shrewsbury to Southborough and we have all enjoyed the new town very much.

Why I’m running for the School Committee:
I’m always looking for opportunities to serve the community. Education is one opportunity that best uses my strengths. I spend a lot of time with Emma and I’m interested in all the things happening in her school. My experience on school council, substitute teacher, and softball coaching in two towns are great “warm-ups” for me. I started doing all these in Shrewsbury, and when I moved to Southborough I wanted to do more. The first month I moved in I talked to the Town Clerk’s office and the Advisory Board to ask how I can help. We identified the School Committee to be a great opportunity for me to serve the town. I have been looking forward to this Town Election since then. I’m excited about this volunteer opportunity that perfectly blends my education background and passion in serving the community.

Areas I’ll pay close attention to:
1. Examine the school infrastructure and building update opportunities. One such opportunity is the potential new Neary School project.
2. Explore STEM education improvement opportunities. I’ve been to the school to talk about my science career. Kids are always fascinated. There’s more we can do in STEM education.
3. Evaluate the programs that support emotional health and special needs. Ensure these programs meed the schools’ needs and are well funded.

Annual Town Election
Tuesday May 9, 2023
6:30AM to 8:00PM
Trottier Middle School Gym

(Or: Vote By Mail) Request to Vote by Mail
by 5pm May 3 online:

Type the link above or scan the QR code


Zhi Li
22 Pinecone Ln

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