Vote this Tuesday!

I now have statements from all 12 of the candidates running in contested races for the annual Town Election. You can find those and other important details here.

To remind residents to vote, I will be keeping this posted to the top of the blog through the closing of polls on Tuesday night (May 9th.) Scroll down for more recent news.

Updated (5/8/23 2:30 pm): An exchange with a reader today reminded me that I hadn’t posted my usual warning about a cutoff for critical comments and questions about candidates.

This close to the election, only endorsements (or candidate pitches for themselves) that don’t sling mud on other candidates (or ask critical questions) are allowed.

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Joanne Pearson
24 days ago

If you find it necessary to close comments, in my opinion, it should be ALL comments regardless of whether they are an endorsement, a question about clarification of candidates statements or a reasonable comment pertinent to the subject of that particular post. In this case, my comment was about one of the candidates running for a contested position.
As you and I discussed today, Candidates Night this year happened much closer to election day than in previous years, leaving hardly any time at all for you to post, your readers to process both your post and what they heard on Thursday evening and to respond with a comment. You mentioned that your coverage of Candidates Night only went up on the blog late in the day this past Friday.
At the time I sent you what I wanted to post, which was around 2:00 pm, you had not yet posted anything indicating there was a cut off for comments.

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