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A round up of quick items related to Southborough's Town government: 40Bs status, video problems, and the latest newsletter

Above: A few videos on the Town’s YouTube channel may leave you in the dark as to who was in the Town House Hearing Room this week. But SAM’s online platform shows officials were there. (images of screenshots)

I have a few items worth noting that I decided to roundup in one post on Town government news.

The news covers video glitches from recent meetings (and how to find viewable versions), upcoming 40B hearings, and the Town’s latest newsletter.

40B applicant status

On November 29th, the Zoning Board of Appeals’ hearing for the Park Central project will focus on Traffic and the covenant the developer signed with abutters. That meeting will take place at 7:00 pm in the Town House Hearing Room (so more people can attend in person) and over zoom. 

You can keep tabs on meetings and materials for that project here. (I do eventually hope to find time to write about the opening hearing held on October 11th.) 

Two more projects are headed to ZBA Hearings. Both proposals by Ferris Development have been deemed eligible by Mass Housing.

On December 13th at 7:00 pm, the ZBA will open its hearing for the proposed project at 120 Turnpike Road. A page to track that project can be found here

At their October 25th meeting, the Select Board voted to send a letter with their unanimous support for the project. They did acknowledge the need for the board to address concerns raised about potential impacts to the abutting Town owned Breakneck Hill Conservation Land, but believed issues were “surmountable”. 

On Tuesday, the Select Board stated that 250 Turnpike Road (the more controversial of the two) was also recently found eligible. The developer will be applying to pursue that project but no hearing is scheduled yet.

Don’t let glitchy videos leave you in the dark

Speaking of Tuesdays Select Board meeting – I heard part of it, but haven’t had time to see it yet.

If you zoomed into or streamed either that meeting or Monday’s Planning Board meeting, you might have thought the lights went out at the Town House And if you tried to subsequently watch the Select Board meeting, you would have found that in addition to visual issues, there was also at least one section of time missing from two videos posted for the meeting.

The good news is that the meeting was actually successfully captured on video by Southborough Access Media. While the zoom and YouTube feeds were impacted by technical issues, the correct versions are currently available on SAM’s website. (Those videos will also be copied to YouTube sometime soon.)

To view the meetings on SAM’s Government channel online platform, click here.

You may also want to use SAM’s platform in the future for expediency. SAM’s Director Terry Underwood tells me that in general, the meetings they record are available much sooner on their website (within 10-15 minutes after the meeting) than they are on YouTube (usually sometime the next day).

News from the Townword on common st

Finally, the Town has some news they want me to share with readers (without my take as a filter). 

Volume 5 of the Town Administrator’s “Word on the Common Street” newsletter is now out. (Volume 5). You can read that here.


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