Found a pothole? Call DPW

Above: DPW has been patrolling and filling potholes. If they missed one on your road (or one you commute on), call them. (photo cropped from Facebook)

Last week on Facebook, the Department of Public Works posted a notice encouraging the public to call the DPW office to report any potholes. (Obviously, they mean ones on Southborough roads.) 

To report a pothole, call 508-485-1210.

If you think your report will go unheeded. . . According to their post, crews are aout “everyday” fixing them. (That’s not quite accurate. Looking at their Facebook posts there are days where the crews are tied up doing emergency work, especially after storms. But you get the picture.)

Below are some recent examples they posted, demonstrating them taking action on potholes:

I personally experienced there responsiveness a few years ago. I was walking with a friend when we came across a giant pothole. She called it in and within a few minutes, a truck rolled up.

So next time you are aggravated by a pothole that popped up, or that seems to never get repaired, don’t assume the DPW knows about it and is ignoring it. Give them a call.

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