Thank you for your clothing and goods donations

Goodwill asked me to share with readers a thank you from their CEO for their donations of clothing and household goods in Southborough. While I’m sharing that, I’m also updating on the options in town, including the SOS* textile bins.

Many residents are familiar with the Swap Shop, where those with Transfer Station stickers can drop off items they hope others in the community will be able to reuse.

Until I heard from Goodwill, I didn’t realize that their collection trailer at the station also accepts household goods in addition to clothing. For details on what donations Goodwill can accept, click here.

Since they are aiming to sell the goods, obviously donations should be in good condition.

So, what about old clothes that aren’t in good condition?

At each Northborough-Southborough public school (and New England Center for Children), there is a collection bin for textiles. Those can include clothing/textiles that aren’t in good enough shape for reuse. (Donations good enough for resale will be. Those that aren’t get recycled.) Each school receives a rebate based on the lbs collected. (For the public schools, those go to their parent organizations.)

To read more about what those bins can/can’t accept, click here.

Last month alone, the combined schools collected 13,830 lbs of textiles last month alone, generating a rebate of $830. That included 4,785 lbs at Southborough public schools, generating $287 for SOS*.

If you think that’s impressive, take a gander at this Thank You letter from Goodwill!

Thank you Southborough residents for donating clothing and household goods to Goodwill! In 2023, you donated 433,200 pounds and, in doing so, made a difference for those most in need in our community.

Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries is a community-based nonprofit organization. Its mission is to help individuals with barriers to self-sufficiency to achieve independence and dignity through work. Your donations support this mission by helping individuals in our job training and career programs find jobs and by making low cost quality goods available to individuals and families looking to stretch their dollars. You can learn more about our mission at

Now more than ever, we need your donations. Please continue to bring your gently used clothing and household goods to our donation box at the municipal recycling center at 147 Cordaville Road.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Goodwill!


Joanne K. Hilferty
President and CEO
Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries

*SOS is Southborough Organization for Schools

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