Coffee crisis! Dunkin’ Donuts in Southborough closing … temporarily

If you’re a regular of the Dunkin’ Donuts in the Town Center plaza, you’ll need to find someplace else to get your daily fix. Rather cryptic signs in the windows of the DD say the store will be closing soon “to better serve you.” The signs don’t say how we’ll be better served or even when “soon” is.

A neighboring merchant told me the Dunkin’ Donuts is closing for two weeks for renovations. Anyone have more info? Post it in the comments.

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15 years ago

It is closing for a major renovation. Several in Worcester COunty have already done this. It will look a lot different inside, with earth tone colors and offer a few more products that it cannot currently carry.

2 of them in Holden just did this and they have flatbread sandwiches and some othert hings, giant flat screen TVs, nice bathrooms, etc.

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