Southborough in the news

Freddie Gillespie, a Sudbury River Watershed Organization volunteer, collecting test samples in Southborough last year. (photo from the Boston Globe)

Some quotes from Southborough-related stories in the news.

“We don’t have any specific concern. We’re being prudent. We’re being proactive, looking at what other communities are doing.” -Ashland Police Chief Scott Rohmer about a proposed sex offender bylaw modeled after the one in Southborough (link)

“Right now in Massachusetts, at Protonex we employ 80 people and 70 of them are in R&D. We are having trouble finding really good people in the area.” -Greg Cipriano, vice president of Marketing and Military Development at Protonex Technology Corp. of Southborough on the economic benefits of clean energy (link)

“There’s going to be an awful lot more happening – this is just the beginning,” -Eric Hutchins, member of the Nyanza Natural Resource Trustees about proposals for repairing natural resources along the Sudbury River (link)

“Matthew came into the season with a stress fracture in his back and it took him a while to get his fitness back. Lately he has done a terrific job for us.” -Northeastern University men’s soccer head coach Brian Ainscough about Algonquin grad Matthew Laning of Southborough (link)

“The most satisfying thing is watching the high schoolers take the role of teaching very seriously. As teachers they aren’t just in here babysitting.” -Meg Stebbins, retired Algonquin teacher about the learning-lab preschool she founded at Algonquin (link)

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15 years ago

Did they ever clean up the Creek that ran past the old Deerfoot Farms Sausage plant? Is it still known as Sh__ Creek?

Mac Callaway

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