Southborough Open Land Foundation looking for members

Chestnut Hill Farm - Southborough, MA

Southborough’s open spaces are part of its charm. Whether they’re large parcels like Chestnut Hill Farm or smaller ones like a 1-acre plot abutting the Arts Center, open spaces give us places to hike and spot wildlife, and they give us room to breathe.

If you care about open land in Southborough, consider joining the Southborough Open Land Foundation (SOLF) whose mission is to preserve and protect the open spaces and rural character of our town. SOLF owns 16 properties in Southborough for a total of 126 acres that are preserved as open space, and they were instrumental in securing the conservation restriction for Chestnut Hill Farm owned by the Beals family.

You can learn more at a SOLF meeting tonight at 7:30 at the Community House or on their website.

(Full disclosure: I’m a SOLF member.)

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