Flooded basements, downed power lines in Southborough

Flooding on Boston Road (photo courtesy of the Southborough Fire Department)

While we didn’t get the ice that towns to our west did, the Fire Department stayed plenty busy today as a result of what we did get. The department responded to multiple calls about flooded basements and some downed power lines.

Fire Chief John Mauro reported that elevated areas of town experienced some icing and several Southborough streets were flooded. He provided the following chronology of the day’s emergency incidents.

  • 3:44 am (Clifford Road): Wires down
  • 6:00 am (Town-wide): Flooding/damage assessment by Chief Mauro
  • 7:34 am (John Street): Flooded basement
  • 7:57 am (Parkerville Road): Flooded basement
  • 8:08 am (Cherry Street): Flooded basement with natural gas leak and smoke
  • 8:14 am (Mt. Vickery Road): Medical emergency, Westborough Ambulance responded as all of Southborough’s were committed
  • 8:51 am (Hillside Road): Power line down
  • 9:01 am (Overlook Drive): Tree on house (limited damage)
  • 9:10 am (Tara Road): Wires down
  • 10:38 am (Parkerville Road): Hazardous condition, removed loose 100-lb propane cylinder from flooded area and open up clogged culvert
  • 11:01 am (Reservoir Drive): Medical emergency
  • 1:00 pm (Strawberry Hill Road): Flooded basement
  • 1:04 pm (Hickory Road): Flooded basement
  • 1:16 pm (East Main Street): Flooded basement

Check out more photos on the Southborough Fire Department website.

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