Southborough in the news

Quotes from stories in the local media that have a Southborough connection.

Getting a glimpse of Obama
“We’re hoping to get in really early. If we can get close it would be phenomenal.” —Southborough resident Esha Bawa, who along with 19 other Babson College students hoped to get a jump on inauguration crowds. (Metrowest Daily News)

A class ahead of its time
“We never gave a thought to his color.” —Southborough resident Irene McCarthy on electing Royal Bolling Sr., an African American, president of Framingham High School’s Class of 1940. (Metrowest Daily News)

Hair dryers aren’t for thawing frozen pipes
“A lot of people will use fires or some sort of flame to defrost the pipe, and we’ll run into significant fire problems.” —Fire Chief John Mauro Jr. on the lengths people go to to thaw frozen pipes. The Fire Department had to pump a basement on Southville Road last week when a pipe burst after the resident defrosted it with a hair dryer. (Metrowest Daily News)

Hot pizza
“The grill is always busy when it’s cold. People are looking for warmer food.” —Southborough House of Pizza owner Chris Baltas on the advantages of working near a 525-degree oven in the dead of winter. (Metrowest Daily News)

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