More cuts to the budget

The Board of Selectmen on Tuesday took another pass through the fiscal year 2010 budget looking for places to trim, trim, trim in an attempt to reconcile a $400K shortfall. They found some items to cut, but still have more to go to make up for the shortfall. And that’s assuming the shortfall doesn’t increase further. Which it very well might.

The state changed how school assessments are calculated, and that change could mean Southborough has to pay an additional $300K this year. This has something to do with Chapter 70 funds for Algonquin, but I’m not clear on the details. I’ll try to sort it out and explain more next week.

For now, here is a list of cuts made by the selectmen this week.

  • Town House boiler – $35,000
  • Town House copier – $15,000
  • Consulting engineering – Reduced by $9,000
  • Personnel board – Reduced by $2,000
  • Retirement budget – $18,000
  • DPW site remediation – Reduced by $15,000
  • Travel and training budget – Reduced by $20,000
  • DPW Transfer Station tonnage – Reduced by $15,000

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