Naming the Algonquin auditorium for Dennis Wrenn, and more on tributes

The Northborough-Southborough Music Association (NSMA) is leading the effort to rename the Algonquin auditorium in Dennis Wrenn’s honor, but they’ll have to wait a while to do it. The school has a policy that instructs officials to wait 6 to 12 months before recommending commemorations for those who have passed.

So, later this year Superintendent Charles Gobron will assemble a Commemorative Committee that includes family members, friends and associates of Mr. Wrenn.  The group will discuss ways to honor Mr. Wrenn and his impact on the school, its students, and the community. If they recommend renaming the auditorium, the Regional School Committee will have to approve the change. The auditorium is currently named for John F. Kennedy Jr.

Says Susan Peghiny Faccenda, co-president of NSMA, “We’re all committed to having a fitting tribute to Mr. Wrenn and will do our best to keep everyone updated.”

In related news, the Algonquin spring musical, Les Mis, will be presented in a modified format as a memorial to Mr. Wrenn. The production was originally scheduled to open in mid-April, but it has been postponed to May 8. Auditions will be held today and tomorrow.

Note: NSMA is planning a separate musical tribute to Mr. Wrenn for later this month. People who want to contribute to the music for the evening are asked to contact NSMA, but Susan Peghiny Faccenda just informed me that some folks are having trouble with the original email address published for the tribute. If you’re one of those people, send your requests to instead.

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Kelly Roney
15 years ago

On Friday, I went to hear the MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble, in which my daughter plays alto sax, and the final number was dedicated to Dennis Wrenn. It’s a small world.

Kelly Roney
15 years ago

I should have provided a link to the jazz ensemble, although the program does not seem to be posted online.

15 years ago

Well I am for naming it after Mr. Wrenn now. Heck, we named a school after Mr. Trottier and he’s still around.

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