Photos: Neary celebrates its 40th birthday

Neary School opened 40 years ago this fall. To celebrate, students, staff, and faculty held a birthday celebration last Friday complete with singing, cupcakes, and a school-wide hug.

The party was held at the conclusion of the school’s annual Vocabulary Hat Parade, in which students made hats to express a particular vocabulary word. Let me tell you, there were some pretty clever hats.

The parade was supposed to be held outside, but a passing rain shower forced things indoors. After marching through the school to show off their hats while parents looked on, the students made a ring through the interior corridors, held hands, and gave the school a “hug.”

Then they filed into the gym for a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday — with Principal Linda Murdock and other faculty members providing live accompaniment — and then it was off to the cafeteria for cupcakes.

Here are some photos from the celebration. Click to enlarge.

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Donna McDaniel
13 years ago

Risking being an old fogey (fogy?), I’m hoping that there was some recognition given to the person for whom the school was named…. yes? Do the kids know? How about the kids at Finn? Trottier? Woodward? What’s the point of naming a school after someone if it doesn’t perpetuate some memory of them as educators?

13 years ago

I had Miss Finn as a substitute teacher for 5 weeks or so in the 5th grade… we were TERRIFIED of her! I remember having to memorize poetry before school started, and though she was around for probably at least another 20 years after that, she always seemed ancient to me.

My oldest brother had Mr. Trottier for 8th grade science(?), he was really a great teacher. I had Miss Hayes for first grade at Peters Annex (now the police station), which I think the garden at Neary is named for her.

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