Reminder: Put out your Scouting For Food bag on Saturday

Above: Sorting food at last year’s Scouting For Food drive

Don’t forget to put your Scouting For Food bag out by your mailbox by 9:00 am on Saturday. Scouts will be by to pick up the bags and deliver them to Pilgrim Church where volunteers will sort and pack up the food.

Scouting For Food is the biggest drive of the year for the Southborough Food Pantry. Your donations will help them feed more than 125 Southborough residents — ages 3 to 83 — throughout the winter.

You can also drop your donations off at Pilgrim Church on Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, or at any of the Southborough churches on Sunday. And don’t think you’re limited to just the one official bag. Feel free to put out more — regular grocery bags are fine — and the Scouts will gladly collect them.

If you need suggestions on what to put in the bags, see this post.

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Marge Coldwell
13 years ago

Final total when we locked the door today was 10,224+ lbs.
Over 2,000 more than last year!
A VERY big thank you to the families of Southborough for supporting the Southborough Food Pantry through the Boy Scout Food Drive!

Justine Bai
13 years ago

Scouting For Food 2010
We are at 10,600 pounds and still counting!! I will keep you updated.
A Huge Thank You to the residence of Southborough for their generosity and to all the helpers at Pilgrim Church today!

Steve Pflug
13 years ago

When we left Pilgrim Church yesterday (Sunday) we were at 10,780 lbs., which is a fantastic amount of food filling over 200 boxes. I think I can speak for all who us who work at the Pantry when I say a big THANK YOU! To all the Scouts for all their hard work, the volunteer parents who drove around, to those who sorted and boxed and to the residents of Southborough who donated. Thanks again.

Justine Bai
13 years ago

I just picked up another bag on Atwood Street – Thank You!!

11, 096 pounds

THANK YOU! THANK YOU residents of Southborough!

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