Dick Upjohn honored by Southborough Open Land Foundation

Above: Elaine Beals and Dick Upjohn (photo by Chris Vatis)

Earlier this week Southborough resident Dick Upjohn was honored by the Southborough Open Land Foundation for his conservation efforts. Read on for more.

At its annual meeting on May 17, the Southborough Open Land Foundation presented the 2011 Elaine Beals Conservation Award to Richard V. Upjohn, of Southborough. Mr. Upjohn, who grew up in New York City, developed a love of the outdoors at his family’s summer home in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. In 1960, he and wife Sabra moved to Southborough with their family to teach at the Fay School, where he shared his love of nature with students.

To emphasize the need to conserve resources Dick started Fay’s recycling program. Later, he helped establish Southborough’s recycling program. Dick is a longtime member of the Conservation Commission and the Community Preservation Commission. Practicing what he preaches, Mr. Upjohn is often seen bicycling about town.

The Elaine Beals Conservation Award honors Southborough resident Elaine Beals, a Southborough Open Land Foundation member and former trustee. Mrs. Beals is also a longtime benefactor to Worcester County nonprofits. The award is given annually to a person or group who helps preserve and protect Southborough’s open lands and rural character. In addition to Mrs. Beals (2006), other recipients include Frederica Gillespie (2007), David Morgan (2008), Carol Gay (2009), and Linda Hubley (2010).

Founded in 1988, Southborough Open Land Foundation today owns 17 parcels of Southborough woodlands, totaling 183 acres, for the community’s passive recreation and educational use. To learn more, visit SOLF.org.

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