Are you a Southborough blogger?

When I’m introduced to people around town, I often get the response, “Ohhh! You’re the one who runs the blog!” That’s true, but you might be interested to learn I’m not the only blogger in town.

There are a number of other Southborough residents blogging about topics as diverse as parenting, cooking, pop culture, and sustainability. It’s time they got some recognition too.

I’m putting together a directory of blogs authored by Southborough residents. If you want your blog included, just fill out this quick form. I’ll publish links to all the blogs in a post next week. They’ll also be included in a permanent blogroll on the site.

(Longtime readers and fellow Southborough bloggers might remember I started compiling a Southborough blogroll years ago, but never managed to publish it. If you submitted your blog back then, please take a moment to do so again. I promise this time it will be worth it.)

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