Land foundation hosts puppet show on Sunday

by susan on October 13, 2011

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The Southborough Open Land Foundation invites residents to a special performance of award-winning Southborough puppeteer Deborah Costine’s latest work, “Turtle’s New Home.” The show will take place on Sunday at Pilgrim Church. Here are the details.

Turtle’s New Home
A new work by award-winning puppeteer Deborah Costine

“Blanding” the turtle is on a journey in search of a new, safe wetland habitat. The little pond where she has lived for forty years is no longer safe!  A road has been built between her pond and the high sandy hill where she goes every spring to lay her eggs. Blanding knows what happens when a turtle tries to cross a road! When she meets young Castor the Beaver, who is eager to build a dam and create a new pond, she sees that her problems might be solved. We also meet her friend the Blue Spotted Salamander as well as a little boy named Edward and his nature-loving babysitter Rachel, who teaches him how to look closely at nature for signs of animals and their activities.

Sunday, October 16th at 3:00 pm
Pilgrim Church Fellowship Hall,  15 Common St., Southborough MA
Appropriate for ages 4 and up.

Donations to benefit the Southborough Open Land Foundation will be gratefully accepted

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