Southborough goes ‘green’ in honor of Eric

Above: Eric Green at a lacrosse tournament last October (via Facebook)

Green is the color of choice for many in Southborough today. Trottier Middle School students started the movement to wear green in honor of their 12-year-old classmate Eric Green who passed away suddenly this week. Parents, along with students at neighboring schools – including Algonquin where Eric’s two siblings attend – have followed suit.

By all accounts Eric was a popular seventh-grader at Trottier who loved lacrosse and played trumpet in the school’s elite Big Band. Trottier Principal Keith Lavoie credited Eric’s dedication to school and community. Friends called him an “inspiration.”

You can read a growing list of tributes to Eric in this post.

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Anna Stephens
12 years ago

We took some pictures of Worcester academy wearing green if you would like them please email me! We all mis Eric very much :”(

Trottier Student
12 years ago

School today was like a sea of green. There was a somber silence as everyone thought about the heart breaking passing of their beloved classmate. The support shown at Trottier was amazing. The school is covered with banners as memorials to Eric’s amazing but short life. R.I.P Eric <3

Trottier student (2)
12 years ago

Eric was an awesome person that was smart, funny and talented. Everyone in school wore something green in honor of Eric. He will be missed so much and we all love and miss him. All love goes out to the Green family.

Rest In Peace Eric.

Trottier Student 3
12 years ago

Yesterday I expected only a handful of people to be wearing green, but i couldnt be more wrong, everybody made an effort to honor Eric. Ribbons were handed out to pin on our shirts and even the trottier basketball team taped green onto their jerseys. I never expected our school to ever come together the way it did yesterday. I played trumpet with Eric in Big Band and he was an amazing trumpet player, i have always been jealous of that. But he never bragged or boasted about it, instead he was kind and helped us to play better. I never knew that Eric had a condition and now i wish i did so that i coulve made a better effort to getto know him. You will forever be in Trottier Middle Schools heart Eric. And i mean it when i say you will never be forgotten but you will be remembered as the kid who made a difference

12 years ago

i did not personally knoww Eric but i have many freinds that were very sad because their brothers were freinds with him and they were very sad that he had passed away. i give my best to the Green family.

Trottier Student 4
12 years ago

The green family I cant imagine wat you guys are going through but Eric was the nicest and smartest kid I have ever met. I cant believe this happened. Good luck family I will see you at the funeral. By the way so many people wore green to support him. He will never be forgotten and always be remembered. Xoxoxox R.I.P.

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