MWDN: PDF guru donates $4.8 million to St. Mark’s in Southborough

Above: Ed Taft and his wife Pamela have donated $4.8M to St. Mark’s (photo via St. Mark’s School)

In 1968 St. Mark’s school acquired a 6-foot tall “mini” computer from Digital that became a fascination for then St. Mark’s senior Ed Taft. It was the start of love affair with computers that would lead Taft to Adobe Systems where he co-created the now-ubiquitous PDF document format.

Taft credits St. Mark’s for his start in technology, and by way of thanks recently donated $4.8M to the school to help them advance their science and math facilities. Reports the Metrowest Daily News:

A third-generation St. Mark student whose grandfather graduated in 1900, Taft served on the St. Mark’s Board of Trustees from 2006 until this June, during which time he encouraged the school to focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as much as possible.

So, when the school last year came up with plans for a new STEM section of the school, Taft — with the full support of his wife — decided it would only be natural to help foot the bill.

“Ed and Pamela’s gift is truly transformational,” Head of School John C. Warren said. “It will allow for the creation of facilities that are a physical manifestation of a compelling (STEM) programmatic vision.”

Warren said the school, in addition to renovating 3,200 square feet of existing math and science space, will add between 11,300 and 14,600 square feet of new space dedicated to STEM instruction.

Read more about Taft and his gift to the school in this article by the MWDN and in this announcement by St. Mark’s.

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