Southborough cable access group seeks volunteers for new board of directors

Last month the Board of Selectmen signed off on a plan to create a non-profit entity to manage the cable access system in Southborough with the goal of creating more programming for cable access viewers. The next step in the process is to establish a board of directors for the non-profit, and for that, the town needs volunteers.

Interested? Cable Television Committee Chairman Warren Palley shares more information in this letter.

Southborough Cable TV Non-Profit Public Access Corporation Seeks Volunteers For Board Of Directors

My name is Warren Palley (41 Constitution Drive). I am currently the chairperson of the town’s Cable Television Advisory Committee. I have served on the committee for about 18 years. Katelyn Willis is also a member of the committee. The committee’s main function is to negotiate contracts with Charter, Verizon and Comcast on behalf of the town. We set up our current studio facilities at Fayville Hall. We broadcast the BOS meetings, the Annual meeting, and School Committee meetings, along with some area pre-recorded programming.

The next step in the evolution of Southborough cable television is to begin training residents to produce, record, edit, and/or star in their own programming. In order to do that, we need to set up a non-profit access corporation in Southborough. Non-profit corporations are the predominant models in Massachusetts for providing PEG Access programming.

We need to establish a Board of Directors whose members, in effect, oversee the operation of the corporation. We want to let the residents of Southborough know that we are actively seeking volunteers to sit on the Board of Directors. Ideally we are looking for 5 to 7 residents who are interested in overseeing the start of local programming on Southborough cable television. It is the non-profit that hires, manages and pays for PEG Access staff. It is the non-profit that pays for studio space. It is the non-profit that purchases and maintains equipment. It is the non-profit that develops and implements policies and procedures for use of studio facilities and channel bandwidth, etc.

Candidates for the board should be residents of Southborough and be at least 18 years of age. We encourage candidates who represent, or have experience with (but not limited to) the following: town schools, senior community, business community, PEG access producers, arts community, youth groups, accounting field, etc.

Our intention is to build a diverse Board of Directors who can assist in the development and initial management and oversight of the Access Corporation. Interested volunteer candidates can reach me at

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